About Me

This is an online scrapbook of all of the things that I like and think are worth sharing. That's a philosophy that I try to extend to all areas of this website. This space started out as a beauty blog, but I am in the process of evolving it into something quite different. This is still my space, but I no longer want to feel limited by what I can and cannot share. In that way, this space is an extension of me. It depicts an element of my personality.

That might sound self-indulgent, but I think that people are interesting, so I hope that you take advantage of what is here to connect with other people whether that be by discussing with me or others in the comments, or just using my space to find something else that you think is really cool.

I have a clear idea in my head of what I want this space to be, but it's not so easy to describe. So I would recommend that instead of trying to analyse it here, go and experience it by flicking through some of my new content. Please note that any posts from before 18th December 2015 are an 'archive' of my old lifestyle and beauty blog.


Who am I?

Hi! I'm Emily, I'm a 22 year old living in Bristol. I create things and spend a lot of my time thinking. I love to translate those thoughts into images, words and videos.

I'm trudging my way through my final months of my foreign languages degree in order to prove a lot of things to myself. Following that, I aspire to submerge myself in a life of authenticism and passion by doing the things that give me life for living. Academic essays just don't do it for me.

I am exhilarated by discovering new cultures and meeting new people. Despite my resting bitch face I'm in fact a very friendly person. I strongly believe that understanding and accepting one another is what makes the world go around, and I try to take inspiration from that in all aspects of my life.

Contact me

As I said before, meeting and connecting with new people is one of my favourite things in life. That's why I encourage you to comment on my posts here and on YouTube. I am also active on Instagram and dabble in Twitter (levels of activity vary). These are the best ways to contact me.

As of right now I am not checking my old blog email address. I'm simply not very good at responding to emails right now. Although if you do want to talk to me in a more private setting, you can DM me on Twitter or Instagram and maybe we can swap emails!