Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Family Bake Off

Of course when you have parents who are as obsessed with the Great British Bake Off as mine are, at some point you are inevitably going to end up having a family bake off. This one was actually my idea; I thought that for my first full day at home from Paris it would be fun to spend some time together in the kitchen. We would bake at least one item each, and then they would be judged at our annual Christmas brunch with family friends.

Well, that's not exactly how things turned out. By the time that my mum and I were back from running some errands, my dad's choc chip Panettone was already in the oven, and my mum didn't end up baking her main item (orange zest scones) until the next morning. So the "family togetherness" aspect may have been somewhat abandoned, but I still managed to get some nifty shots of our work.

I had a slight issue at first in that I had absolutely no clue how to make my chosen recipe: cinnamon rolls. Luckily Pinterest is always there for me in times of need, and despite taking a pretty long time to make - and my hands being on a whole new level of dough-y - the final product looked pretty delectable.

Besides, any doubts that I had in my culinary skills were outshone by my dad using yeast that had not been kept in the fridge, which meant that his Panettone never rose properly and was pretty dense (sorry dad, but you know it's true).

On the morning of the brunch, nobody seemed to mind, as there was plenty of food to go around. My mum's scones were also a hit, despite her forgetting to add the orange juice to her batter and having to compensate with orange icing at the last minute. This seemed to just bring her up to the same level as my cinnamon rolls, which I would like to think brings us to a draw. It looks like we'll have to have a rematch in the New Year, then...

You can find the recipes for our creations (or similar) at the following links:

Do you like to bake over Christmas? What do you make? What's your favourite thing to eat with your family?

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