Thursday, 23 October 2014

French Beauty Haul

Well, there’s no denying that I’ve treated myself since my arrival in Paris. But for three and a half months’ worth of damage, I don’t think that I’ve done all too badly... Especially considering that Mac, Sephora and numerous French pharmacies are all within a short walk from my flat.

So, let’s inspect the damage, shall we? First up we’ve got some fairly recent additions to my collection, and perhaps the least necessary. I went to the shops for shampoo and conditioner and I came back with a lot of other stuff, completely forgetting about the things that I needed for my hair. I did discover a really cute brand though, called Treacle Moon. You can just tell it’s going to be good from the name, right? Well they had a lot of fruity and sweet-smelling body washes but I just couldn’t leave without these two. I picked the marshmallow scent and melon as they were both pretty unique from anything that I’d seen in the UK. I’ve only used the melon one so far, and I have to say I really enjoy stepping out of the shower in the morning smelling like a cantaloupe. It’s a great, fresh scent to start your day off to, even if it is autumn now. Did I also mention that they are both paraben-free?

I’m quite proud to say that the rest of the skincare products in the picture were pretty necessary. I picked up the Aloe Vera face cream from a lovely shop out here called Nature et Découverte. I loved the feel of it in the shop, however, I have now come to the conclusion that it is a little too greasy for my liking. It would still be great for stubborn dry patches, though.

My Caudalie moisturising toner was pretty necessary, and it served me pretty well, but went very quickly considering how much I paid for it. That’ll teach me to shop for skincare on the Champs Elysées! The winner of the three is definitely La Roche Posay’s Effeclar Duo. I wouldn’t rave about it as much as everyone else does, but it did help to clear up some of the spots on my chin a few weeks ago and it’s made a moisturiser on the sweaty summer mornings in Paris.

Let’s talk a little about my Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover . I was using the original version of this for a while, but when it started turning my fingers a funny colour when I was trying to take my nail polish off, i knew that it was time for a new one. This time I decided to go for the newer version which also has a sponge on the lid to remove polish on your toe nails, and I can’t say that I am disappointed so far. I love these things!

As you may be able to tell, I also treated myself to a rather cheeky trip to Kiko over the summer. Although it’s an Italian brand, they have quite a few more stores here than in London, and I couldn’t resist. Their prices are so affordable, so I picked myself up a gorgeous, deep blue nail polish, a goldy peach blush and some hair chalk. The polish is pretty darn good, although it does require a couple of coats and a more careful hand than my beloved Essie. I quite like the blush, but I can’t say that the pigmentation or texture quite match up to my other favourites (check out my Tarte blush review). And the hair chalk... well, let’s just say that it was a spur of the moment thing after seeing it on the woman in the shop, and it didn’t even leave a tint on my hair. Perhaps the other shades work better, but I would NOT recommend the shade rose unless you want to waste your money and make a mess.

Moving onto more positive things, I also had a fun time with mascara when I first got here after repurchasing an old favourite, otherwise known as Clinique High Impact Mascara. I can’t say that it was impressive as I remembered it being when I tried it a few months ago, but I still love it even it didn’t quite create the volume that I was expecting. If you want amazing volume, then I would definitely go for the Volume Rocket by Maybelline. By golly does it lengthen and thicken, and I’ve had quite a few compliments on it! The only issue is that it’s a huge pain to get off, and even Bioderma (it goes without saying that in Paris I’ve been using a lot of this stuff!) has a tough time with it.

Finally, we are onto the beloved skin makeup. Another little Kiko purchase was their full coverage concealer, which is a bit yellow-toned so great for covering up spots. I can’t say that it’s as good as mac in coverage, but it’s a more affordable alternative. Just don’t expect the same quality!

Quality, however, is certainly not something that is missing from the final three products. My Mac Paint Pot in the shade 'Painterly' is a daily staple in my opinion. It may be ever so slightly darker than my skintone, but it works as a base for my eye shadow, or even works perfectly alone to even out the skintone on my eyelids. I don’t need to say my about my Clinique Airbrush Concealer, I think that the pictures in my full review speak for themselves. I love this stuff and am on my second tube since I got here (yes, I used the first up within two months).

Last, but most certainly not least, we have the Bourjois Healthy Serum Gel Foundation. I used a similar foundation when I was at eighteen which I donned the ‘hangover foundation’ because I would always use it when I had work after one too many drinks and my skin was looking a little worse for wear. This stuff may be even better! It is so light that I genuinely forget that I’m wearing anything, yet it manages to balance out my skintone perfectly and I don’t even look orange! Quite an achievement for any product on this alabaster-skinned girl. This may need a whole review to itself - bravo, Bourjois.

That brings us to the end of the haul for now... although I did take these pictures before a rather expensive other purchase, and with my birthday coming up, I know that it’s not over. So, if you have any other suggestions of goodies to buy myself while I’m still in France, then please shoot them my way!

Do you have any French makeup/skincare products? What are your favourites?

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BigMummah said...

Could you return to the shop and get 'the woman' to show you how to apply it?

DeAsia Nichelle said...

Lovely stuff! Super glad you are enjoying Paris-- would love to see pics! And I have to check bourjois face products

Ellis said...

The Treacle Moon shower gels are amazing aren't they! They're actually made five minutes down the road from me in Hertfordshire :)

Naomi Ganzu said...

Lovely products. They all are so well packaged.
Do add me via GFC, Bloglovin and G+, will def add you back. Do visit me and comment! It means a lot to me :)

Mire said...

I love Treacle Moon shower gels! We don't have the marshmallow one in Spain though!

And Bourjois Healthy Mix is on my ist of next foundations I have to try!


BerryBloomXO said...

Treacle Moon products smell so divine! I love the Vanilla body scrub - so good!! The marshmallow one sounds new, though! Kiko is a great brand and am so glad they sell it in London now! Oh, and that bourjois foundation is very good - heard so much great stuff about it!

Loved the haul! France seems like a great place to shop! <3

xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

Wild Hearts + Green Tea said...

Those shower gels instantly caught my eyes, look and sound like such yummy scents! You have lots of great picks here :)