Monday, 8 September 2014

A little Parisian update

You got me. I've already gone and broken one of my golden rules for my year abroad. I promised to post something at least once every two weeks, preferably more, and that just hasn't been happening recently. I do have an excuse...

As you may know if you're a regular reader of my blog, I am currently spending six months in Paris doing an internship for my university year abroad. I started my internship in June, and to cut a very long story short, it just wasn't good for me. It was a pretty stressful period, and a couple of weeks ago I eventually decided to quit. I am pleased to report that since doing so I have been feeling much, much better and am now really enjoying my time here.

To top things off, I even found a new internship really quickly, which I started last Monday. I am doing customer relations in a start up, and it has been going much better so far. It's far more my type of place, and while it is still very much work I'm enjoying the atmosphere which is far more relaxed and young. I hope that this will be a really great learning experience for me, as since they are still developing themselves in the market there is a lot of room for me to watch how they grow and even offer some input into this.

Apart from work, I feel like my French has started to improve and although it can be difficult at times being away from home, more specifically a certain boyfriend of mine (don't worry, I only have the one) I've been making lots of new friends here. There have also been lots and lots of macarons. I wish that I had something more insightful to say for this post, but I think that it's best if I leave it there for today.

So to summarise, I can't promise frequent, quality content on here for now. I think for the moment it's more important that I concentrate on the quality of my time here which is quickly running out, but I do intend to continue to share snippets of my life. Hopefully in my next post. I'll think of something a little more meaningful to say. In the meantime please follow me on Instagram, as that is the place that I've been sharing most of my year abroad updates at the moment.