Monday, 4 August 2014

Review // Clinique Airbrush Concealer

No, despite what you may be thinking, the image above is not a mug shot. But more on that later... It would seem that full-time work is not kind on the under-eyes. Despite being paid only a third of minimum wage (the lowest amount that interns can legally be paid in France), I decided to take full advantage of my first pay day and venture into Sephora. Something to cover up those dreaded under-eye bags was first on my list.

I was on the lookout for a lighter product to keep my dark circles under wraps for daytimes at work. Fortunately, I remembered about this Clinique product that I'd enjoyed using when I was at sixth form. I think that it's pretty clear what happened next, and the above image shows the 'before and after' of using it.

I remembered enjoying using the Clinique Airbrush Concealer, but it has really surpassed my expectations. It's a light, fluid consistency which makes it perfect for daytime use, particularly in summer, yet it doesn't melt off at the first sign of heat. Now I'm not saying it's completely heat-proof, and a bit of setting powder will certainly help, but what I love about this is that all it takes is a bit of blending with your fingers and it immediately brightens and corrects those purplish tones under your eyes without settling into any creases. It really doesn't look like you're wearing anything, which is all that you want sometimes.

It comes in three shades (I of course use the lightest) and works by twisting the end, which releases the product out of the little brush applicator. While this doesn't make it the most hygenic product to share, it is ideal for slapping on on those days you really don't have time to get ready (i.e. every morning, if you're me).

I know that I've raved about the cult favourite the Bobbi Brown Corrector before (see my tutorial here), but I honestly think that for personal use, I prefer this. It's quicker, lighter, easier to blend and the colour seems to be perfect for me. It's light enough for everyday use, but the incredible colour-correcting ability makes it perfect for any 'going out' look as well. A firm favourite

The Clinique Airbrush Concealer retails at £19 and is available at most Clinique stands.

Do you have a favourite under-eye concealer?

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