Sunday, 10 August 2014

How To // Jungle Nail Art

Perhaps I've been watching too much Lost, but when I came across this jungle nail art, I just knew that I had to try to recreate it. I came across it on Pshhit's Instagram. If you don't know of Pshiit, she has an incredible Instagram page full of her incredible nail art talents, and lots of tutorials on her site. It may be in French, but it's a definite must see for any nail art enthusiasts. Anyway, I may not have as many tools or the skill that she does, but I think that the results are pretty cool (even if I couldn't make the cute flower. Sniff sniff.). And let me tell you, if I can do this, then with some simple tools I am certain that you can too!

All you're going to need to create this look are a few things:
  • A base coat (yes, we all skip on it sometimes, but we're working with a black base so it's going to be better for your nails this way)
  • A top coat (we wouldn't want those pretty nails wearing off after a day now, would we?)
  • Dotting tool
  • Little brush (you can get both of these tools in this Sephora set)
  • Black polish (here's a great one from Barry M)
  • White polish ( I like Essie's Blanc)
  • Bright green polish (I mean super bright. I used this one)

Let's start out with a base coat to stop the black polish from staining your nails, and then work up a good, black base on all of your nails. You could also go for a matte texture to create more of an interesting look, but I kept with a good ol' glossy finish.

Once that's dried you're going to want to start building your leaves. I went for a seriously bright shade, so much so that i was worried that it would be too much, but it was actually perfect. Use a thin brush to start out near the centre of the nail and drag it outwards to create a thin line that ends on the outer edge of your nail. You can do as many or as few as you would like, but leave some space for those leaves!

I created the leaves by applying a bit more pressure on the same brush to create thicker lines coming diagonally out of the 'stem' that I had already created. To make it look more realistic, try to make the leaves nearer the base of your plant a little longer than those at the top. Now, if you're a little more daring and have some extra tools then this would be the time to add any shadowing detail onto your leaves, or even add a little flower like in the original.

If you're inexperienced like me, however, then continue to add the dots. There's no need to wait for your leaves to dry. Simply take your dotting tool and add dots of random size and spacing in any gaps left on the nail. Why not add some different coloured dots for a bit of variety?!

Once you have given your nail art a good few minutes to dry, finish off with a top coat. This will protect your art detailing from chipping off, and mine helped my manicure to last a whole week!

And that's really all there is to it. While I still consider myself a bit of a nail art noob I got quite a few compliments on this design. I'm convinced that this makes it ideal for any first-timers, whilst having the potential to be made into something truly impressive by anyone with a bit more experience.


Albertine said...

These nails are so pretty, definitely need to try them out myself :)

Emily said...

Honestly, my hands are always shaking but rest your hands on a table, find a good angle and you're good to go :) xx

Emily said...

Thanks Albertine :) you definitely should, I was obsessed with them all week when I had them xx

DeAsia Nichelle said...

Love the nails and the barry m green color-- I defiantly need to check that out! Lovely post <33
xo, Nichelle