Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sexy Underarm Smells

I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a sweaty Betty. If I have to rush somewhere or it's particularly muggy out, I never end up feeling so fresh. It's not glamorous, but you can't fight biology. I'm always very hesitant to use anything that stops sweating, as it's an important bodily functions which gets rid of things that aren't meant to be in your body. So for me, deodorants are the next best thing.

I'm not normally one to blog about the habits of my armpits, but having had no luck with 'regular' deodorants for a long time, this was something I knew that I had to share with you. I picked up the Bionsen Pump Spray Deodorant from Boots on a whim a few weeks ago. I liked the look of it because it was free from parabens and aluminium, which are both ingredients that I don't like to have in my deodorant as there is evidence to suggest that they could have links with breast cancer. I was ready for a change from your regular spray deodorant, and this is actually a liquid spray rather than the usual powdery kind. You know what I mean, right?

This can be a little disconcerting and stingy if you have freshly shaven underarms, but also feels refreshing. The pro of the liquid formula is that it is unlikely to seep into your lungs and give you a coughing fit. Can I hear a woop woop? Another feature that I really enjoy about this product is its lack of scent; the only fragrance I can detect from this is pure freshness, and that is exactly how it makes me feel. I was a little sceptical of just how much a liquid spray could combat any sweaty smells, but I am beyond impressed. Although the product is perfectly honest in stating that it is not an antiperspirant (it does not stop you from sweating), I almost found that hard to believe considering how consistently fresh it has left me feeling. I haven't felt paranoid about any nasty odours emitting from my underarms since using it. This must be to do with the fact that rather than covering up any smells, Bionsen actually contains minerals which neutralise the bacteria which cause your sweat to smell. Sexy stuff.

Unlike other deodorants, it also has never aggravated my freshly-shaven skin. Some deodorants have caused me to come up in a razor burn-like rash, but since using this I have had no such problem. If you have very sensitive underarms, then I would certainly recommend giving this a try. I haven't yet tried this for long enough to test its 24-hour freshness claim, but of all of the deodorants that I have tried I think that this has to come to closest. This has quickly become a summer essential for me, and I can't wait to see how it fares when I start my full-time job next week; sweaty underground commute and all. If I could suggest one improvement for this product, I would love to see it formulated without alcohol to prevent any drying out of the skin - but I'm being picky here! I don't remember the last time I had such a positive experience with a deodorant and my armpits feel like brand new. Only the most trendy of reviews for you here on Pretty Please, eh?

What's your favourite summer deodorant? Have you tried any Bionsen products?

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Georgia said...

This deodorant sounds fab! I have my looking for a good one for a while but just didn't know where to start. I'm definitely going to have to try this. I am always someone that has a massive coughing fit after spraying deodorant which can't be good to inhale! So this deodorant sounds absolutely perfect! x

Emily said...

I know, I'm exactly the same. Other deodorants just don't seem to do it for me but I love this one :) x