Thursday, 26 June 2014

Murad Mattifier // Keeping the Shine at Bay

I have to say that I had my doubts when I first received the Murad Oil Control Mattifier* to review. Murad was a new brand to me, and one that I hadn't heard a huge amount about before which - rightly or wrongly - can sometimes make me a little skeptical about a brand. The product is designed to prevent spots and act like a mattifying primer. While unfortunately in my case it did not improve the appearance of my blemishes, it did work well as a mattifier. It is used by itself or underneath makeup to keep skin matte, and make your makeup last longer. No easy feat when you're a busy bee and the sun is out!

I had tried other primers before, but none of them have ever impressed me enough to use on a daily basis. With my new full-time job, however, I knew that I would be needing something to get my makeup to stay put all day long. The first time that I put this on my face, I was a little surprised. The formula is not at all as I had imagined; it is a slightly tacky, white liquid. This confused me a little at first, but I found that it blended easily into my face to leave the matte feeling as promised which provided a nice canvas for applying makeup. It smells a little like peppermint, too, which is an interested quirk. Just don't confuse it for your toothpaste.

I find that a lot of primers leave my skin with an artificially smooth, velvety texture, but that is not at all the case with this product. My face still feels like skin, but without the extra oil. In terms of long-term mattifying properties, this fares pretty well, too! I have been to a couple of events now where it has really helped my makeup to stay in place for a lot longer than it would have done otherwise. Although I would say that in some parts of my face, it has made them a little too dry. Therefore I wouldn't recommend using it as an all-over moisturiser as advised unless you have really oily skin. As mine is combination, I prefer to dab it where it is needed. Unfortunately the product doesn't quite manage to conquer the dreaded SULA (Sweaty Upper Lip Alert... sexy stuff), but my T zone stays dry as a button - buttons are pretty dry, right?! After an eight hour day at work, including a sweaty return ride on the metro, I'm impressed if anything remains on my face.

While this hasn't been an absolute game changer, the product has served me much better than I first expected. Overall I think that I would recommend this to people who really suffer from oily skin rather than combination, which mine seems to be these days. Despite my first impressions, it is a nice day to day to product (let's not forget that it also has SPF 15!), and certainly one that is handy to have to your makeup drawer.

Do you have a favourite makeup primer?

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Kerryy said...

This sounds brill. think I need to try it! x

Kerry @ Lived With Love | Mummy, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

clare⭐ said...

This sounds really good actually! thanks for the review!

I'm also doing a MAC giveaway on my blog right now if you're interested!