Wednesday, 4 June 2014

May Loves // Blog Edition

I'm a bit 'on-again-off-again' with my monthly favourites. To be perfectly honest, most of the time I don't have enough new products to tell you about, so I thought that this month my efforts would be better served in telling you a bit about some other blog content that I've really enjoyed. I think that it's really important to share the love, and I'm certainly guilty of not doing it enough sometimes, so please enjoy my little round up of the best of May 2014 (according to moi).

Amy's Well-being Wednesdays (Post here)

Amy is one of my good friends, but her first 'Wellbeing Wednesday' post really struck a chord with me. I read the post after getting back from my second run and it really spoke to me. I'm a huge advocate of being kind to yourself through the way that you live, and that's what her new series is about in many different ways. I came away feeling very motivated to continue with my running and healthy eating, and just generally balancing everything that's important to me without putting too much pressure on myself. Check out Amy's blog every Wednesday to keep up with the series!

Rikki's Nail Tutorial (Post here)

I came across Rikki's blog 'Luscious Lane' on one of the beauty blogger chats, and the first thing that struck me was her gorgeous photography. The next thing that really impressed me was her beautiful nails! I'm currently growing mine out (again) - exam time is a nightmare for my nails, as I'm a bit of a nervous nibbler! Anyway, one things that I am incredibly keen to try out is this wonderful tutorial that she posted. It seems to be an amazing balance between pastels, geometric shapes and some pretty colour all without being too showy. Let's just hope that I'm skilled enough to pull it off!

Albertine's Weekly Vlogs (See here)

Technically this is a video rather than a blog post, but Albertine's weekly vlogs have become somewhat of a ritual for me. I usually only tend to watch full-time daily vloggers, but I've found Albertine's very entertaining. I particularly love the way that she and her family interact: they're so funny! I'd recommend checking out her vlogs from week three or four first if you're in need of a good chuckle.

Em Shel's Sunny Weekend (Post here)

I'm a long-time fan of Em's blog, but this lifestyle post really left me with a good feeling. I read it on a sunny bank holiday weekend, and her pictures inspired me to make the most of the weather. The flowers are absolutely beautiful, and while I was not lucky enough to visit any botanical gardens myself, her mention of pulled pork was motivation enough for me to run to Sainsburys, buy a shoulder of pork and cook up my own little indoor barbecue.

I hope that this roundup will entertain you for a few minutes if you have some free time, and maybe even inspire you to share some love yourself. Let's make this more of a common thing in the blogging community!

What has been your favourite blog post this month? Do tell!

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Jessie Lewis said...

Lovely post idea :) I love Em and Albertine's blogs and vlogs too! xx

Emily said...

Thanks! They're great, aren't they? x

Adele Wills said...

Catching up on your blog and OH LOOK IT'S MY HOUSE IN THE BACKGROUND :D ♥ Miss you lots, shall get in touch properly soon :) xxx