Sunday, 1 June 2014

Getting Rid of Under-Eye Circles

Please note that in the after shots I am also wearing a white liner on my waterline which will also help to make you look more awake.

Lack of sleep is inevitable for me around this time of year. Summer means exams, exams mean stress, and of course we all know that means missing out on some much-loved rest. Getting your sleep is more important than ever around exam time, as you need it in order to help your brain function at its best. For those days when it really isn't happening, I have a bit of a cheat trick. This is a technique that I've worked out over the last few months for when my bags have been at their worst. Hopefully this could help some of you, too.


Step 1

I applied this step to only one of my eyes so that you could see the difference.

I start off with a peachy corrector over the worst areas. Some people may need to carry this a little further down or out on their face. The important bit is that you get a concealer with some peachy or orangey tones to cancel out the pesky blue bits.

Step 2

I applied this step to only one of my eyes so that you could see the difference.

Next I take a light-coloured concealer. This is a pretty well-known brightening effect, but I've found the best results with using a cream concealer underneath my foundation; one to two tones lighter than your foundation will work just fine. Draw this in a triangle shape running down from the corner of your eye parallel to your nose, and then draw up when you hit your cheekbone, following its natural line toward your temple. If you're going to use this step, don't go halfheartedly, or you could end up with pale patches under your eyes rather than brighter looking skin.

Step 3

This is when I apply my foundation, and use it to blend my concealer in, too. If your foundation is very heavy then I would recommend just using it to blend over the edges of your triangle, but if you're confident that it won't sink into any fine lines around your eyes then you can take it over this area for a little added coverage.

Step 4

Although you don't want to pack up too much product around your delicate eye area, I find Wake Me Up Concealer to be lovely and light if you need a little something to polish off your newly brightened under-eyes. I usually blend this in by dabbing it with my ring finger, I particularly like the finish that it gives.

Step 5

If you suffer from oily skin then you may want to use a translucent powder to set your undereye makeup. This is certainly true for me, but another great tip with powder to hide those bags is to use a pale pressed powder in the little groove that forms under your bags when they are looking swollen. This will make it seems as though those little grooves pop out a bit more, creating the illusion of a smoother surface - puffiness be gone!


And there you have it (art attack reference, anyone?)! It's certainly not the only way to do things, but it's been working very well for me recently. I would recommend experimenting with the different steps until you find a routine that works for you. Of course getting enough sleep and drinking enough water are going to make a dramatic difference, but unfortunately for some people, baggy under-eyes can just be a matter of genes!

Good luck, and let me know in the comments what your top tips in combating dark circles are.

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Katherine Penney said...

Loved this post :) You have no idea how much I needed this right now! :P xx

Caroline said...

I have been battling with dark circles for years and have yet to come up with a good routine for them. I think I may try the bobbi brown corrector and wake me up concealer!


Jessie Lewis said...

Oooh this looks great :) it also looks really natural xx

Emily said...

It's definitely worth a go! The same things won't work for everyone, but the more you experiment the closer you'll get to solving it :) This video might also help: x

Emily said...

Thank you :) I'm a big fan of natural looks, so that's what I was going for :) x

Emily said...

Oh thank you Kathleen! You're making me blush hehe xx

Emily said...

Oh no, if you're in the middle of exams too then good luuuuck!!! xx