Thursday, 15 May 2014

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush // Review

I’d heard a lot about this little pot of powder in the blogosphere. As a brand, Tarte really intrigued me. I knew that they had a strong ethos relating to eco-friendly beauty, which is a winner for me any day of the week. So, when my mum headed out to America a few weeks ago, I knew that I had to see just why everyone was raving so much about the Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blushes.

It wasn’t until she had already been back for a few weeks when I realised she had managed to pick one up, after finding it in my Easter Egg. Maybe she and the Easter bunny are pals? I’ll be honest, I thought that the packaging would be a little more exciting, but there was a beautiful pattern on the top of the blush which I was keen to photograph before ruining it. This meant waiting a good day or so until I was out of my chocolate coma, but to my surprise I needn’t have worried. I have used it a good few times now and the blush still looks like new. Witchcraft?! I like to think it actually has something to do with the fact that very little product is needed to give your cheeks a gorgeous, soft burst of colour.

One of the unique attractions of this blush is that fact that it is infused with amazonian clay to help balance your skin while looking gorgeous. I would describe the product’s texture as being a cross between my buttery Inglot blush (which requires very little product as it is so pigmented) and my Mac blushes, which are a little more powdery. This one blends beautifully, just like the Inglot blush, but it is slightly softer and more powdery. It requires a little more product, but I don’t really mind this so much, as it’s so easy to go over the top with my Inglot blush.

I’ve been applying this in the morning with my Mac 168 brush which I think does the job very nicely, indeed. It picks up enough product to spread it out easily, but keeps it looking pretty and subtle rather than some sort of bright pink rash. The tone of the colour of course helps, I love how the soft pink manages to look bright yet slightly dusky at the same time, which I love with my complexion. I also still find that despite it being very much a matte powder, it doesn’t dull my cheeks, so they can still sport a bit of that summer glow and look nice and natural.

All in all the product didn’t wow me quite as much as expected - but then again it’s always hard for something to live up to rave reviews, isn’t it? The colour isn’t quite unique enough for me to justify spending $26 on it myself, and despite being much more fool-proof to apply, I think I’d rather splurge on an Inglot blush. Perhaps some of the other colours in the range would wow me a little more? I’m certainly not disappointed with the product, though, and it’s currently one of my daily go-tos.

What do you think? Have you ever tried a Tarte blush?

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Anu said...

that looks so lovely on you. I want to try a coral color from tarte blushes. I do have mac 168 too.

Emma Connor said...

It looks so pretty and natural! must be perfect for the summer! :) xxx

Emily said...

I want to try a coral one too! The mac 168 is great, isn't it? x

Emily said...

Thanks! It does go with a lot of my favourite summer makeup :) X