Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sun, Shades and Burritos in Bristol

Have you all been enjoying the weather? The South West has been positively beaming for the weekend, and I hear other places have been, too. Even though we're in the middle of revision period, I decided to take full advantage of the weather (after doing some work first, of course!) and venture outside.

It all started when I began craving a burrito for lunch, and to my delight I realised that you could order a burrito online and go to pick it up at Mission Burrito at a time that you select for no extra cost. I'm a self-confessed burrito addict but somehow still hadn't managed to visit the restaurant since moving to Bristol, so I trundled on down there with Phil yesterday afternoon. We weren't there for long but the atmosphere was lovely in the restaurant, and it was very quiet too. Let's not even get started about the burrito - I went for a pork one with extra guacamole, so I was in heaven.

The weather was lush, so Phil and I decided to go for a wander to the harbour before we headed back to my flat. I think that the harbour may well be my favourite place in Bristol. There's something so calming about the water, and on a beautiful day it makes everything gleam. There were lots of people about enjoying the weather with their families, but Phil and I still managed to find a seat on the steps, watching people queuing for boat trips, looking at the markets and playing with their children in the water. It was idyllic.

Of course no trip to the waterfront is complete without a visit to La Cremeria. I discovered this little ice cream stand last summer, and it is some of the best ice cream that I have ever had. I went for raspberry pavlova, while Phil had some mint choc chip. Seriously, go there if you have the chance, you will not regret it. It was a short little outing, but it was perfect. I don't think that we could have planned a nicer afternoon. Let's hope that the weather stays like this long enough for me to enjoy it after my exams, too!

How have you been enjoying the sun this weekend?

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