Saturday, 10 May 2014

Express Lunch Date at Bristol Pizza Express

The Express Lunch Menu is available from 12-4 on weekdays to eat in or takeaway

I've mentioned on my blog before about my love of Pizza Express, so you can imagine my delight when I was contacted to sample their new lunch menu that has just been released in Bristol. The Express Lunch Menu has a real focus on light, healthy foods which don't leave you feeling like you've ingested enough to feed a small village. I think both my boyfriend Phil and I agree that we both left feeling refreshed, yet satisfied.

The pollo salad
And my choice: the chicken & avocado piadina.
There wasn't much left on either of our plates...

Despite a number of their yummy pizzas being available in a mini size, we both went for something a little different. Phil picked a Pollo salad while I went for something a bit more unique with a Chicken and Avocado Piadina. This was also full of some salady bits and crammed into a delicious, warm sandwich-like meal. The best bit would have to be the chewy dough that had been baked in cheese - yum! Phil was equally as impressed with his salad, and I have to say I had a little nibble of it too as it was so yummy. As well as the regulars you would expect to see in a salad there was also chicken (of course), goats cheese and dough sticks. Both dishes were the perfect size for us.

We both love the modern interior of the restaurant, especially the bright accent features. Although we thought the chairs could have been a little comfier...

We weren't originally planning on staying for dessert, but their Dolcetti desserts were perfect for the light lunch theme (no to mention irresistible!). Each mini dessert is served with a hot drink. In true Italian style, Phil went for an espresso, while I chose a Tea Pigs Super Fruits tea which has to be one of the best fruit teas that I have ever tasted. My raspberry sorbet went perfectly with this, as it was packed with flavour. They even served it in a mini tea cup - how cute?! Phil's mini chocolate fudge cake looked to die for, too. It was served in a little muffin shape with a strawberry on top. He enjoyed the cake, but found the icing a little sickly, which I was quite happy to munch up for him. Being a bit of a sugar addict, I thought that it tasted delicious.

Overall we had a lovely date. We're huge fans of Pizza Express anyway, and Phil is already keen to go back for some more salad next week! Our food came to around a tenner per head, which I think that for a sit down meal with personal service is fantastic. The Express Lunch Menu is currently trialing throughout selected restaurants in the UK, with a view to hopefully roll out into more restaurants soon. If you're lucky enough to have one of the selected Pizza Expresses near you, then I would certainly recommend giving it a try.

Where's your favourite place to eat for lunch?

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Emerald Dove said...

Great post - I am totally in love with Pizza Express! :)

Grace Denny said...

Oh god, this looks so tasty! The mini chocolate fudge cake is making me super hungry! haha

XO, G from grace'd

Emily said...

I know, I think I crave chocolate fudge cake at least a couple of times a week. I'll have to have some all to myself next time I go :) xx

Emily said...

Same here! I was getting so hungry writing this hehe xx

Caitlin Kobrak said...

This looks pretty good, and as a lover of Avocado I think your one sounds like a winner!

Emily said...

I am quite the avocado addict myself, it was great thanks :) x