Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Orange Lip

If you've been following the makeup and beauty trends for Spring/Summer 2014, then without a doubt you will have come across this little beauty. The orange lip is everywhere at the moment, and even I couldn't resist its charms. Being a pale skinned girl I was really unsure whether I could pull off such a bold look. Regardless, I decided to bite the bullet, so I went for it and bought the Sleek Lip Palette in 'Siren'. It's still early days but I am already in love, so I thought that I would do a post on the best way to wear an orange lip if you're a little apprehensive.

The rest of the face

To complement the orange lipstick, I decided to make the rest of the face quite simple, but warm (note the gold necklace). One product that helped with this which I was not able to photograph was the Clarins Instant Smoothing Self Tan which not only makes your skin appear more bronzed, but also works as a primer underneath your makeup. Review coming soon... I also went for a subtle contour with my Kett Fixx Creme Foundation underneath my foundation. You could also use a powder bronzer for this if you want. As for blush, I broke the rules a bit and went for a soft peach with Benefit's Dandelion Face Powder. While I think it still looks good, I would have gone for a subtle coral colour if I had had the choice.

For my eyes I wanted to keep it fairly minimal. I used a fairly nude pink that has a beautiful golden sheen over my lids, and then defined my crease with a warm, mid-toned brown. I then used a couple of coats of my favourite black mascara to really contrast the warm tones on my face. I would also strongly recommend filling in any sparse areas in your brows to keep the look balanced, and frame your face. I usually use a powder eyeshadow for this. You don't want to take too much attention away from that pout!

The Lip

Since this is the bit that can really scare people, i thought I'd share some of my tips on picking an orange lipstick. I'm no expert, but I do know that it's important to take into account whether you have warm or cool-toned skin (I mention a couple of quick ways to figure this out here). If you're still not sure then a lip palette like mine is a great alternative. Mine cost just £9, which is £2.25 per lip colour. So even if you decide you don't like the orange, there are three other colours for you to use, so you won't have wasted any money! I'm still testing out the formula etc., so expect a full review to come soon!

When it does come to actually applying the lipstick you have a choice. If you're going for a wearable, day to day look then going straight on with the lip colour is an option. If you want your lip colour to really pop and stay put then it is advisable to use a lip pencil underneath. I personally went straight on with it, with I think makes it look a little softer. I did, however, notice the tiniest bit of the colour bleeding, depite having used a lip brush, and the colour definitely didn't last as long on me. I was happy to clear it up with a bit of concealer, though. Of course a lot of this depends on your lipstick, too!

I have to say I am 100% converted to orange lipstick and I can see myself fully embracing the trend this Spring.

What's your favourite spring trend?
Will you be rocking an orange lip any time soon?

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Tasha said...

Sadly we're going into Autumn here, but not gonna lie, I would totally rock an orange lip! I absolutely love how it is a fresh and bright take on the bold lip. I love MAC Morange and also lately for a more coral twist, Revlon Audacious.

Tasha // shiwashiful.

Belle said...

I'm always to scared to do a coral lip, but I think I need to brave it!

Belle ♥
Mascara & Maltesers

Emily said...

Ooh great suggestions. I've heard about Morange, I think it even occured in a dream of mine the other night - ha! xx

Emily said...

I think it's definitely wearable if you keep the rest of the face fairly minimal :) x

Naaj Rona said...

I am seeing the orange lips everywhere and love love love the colour. But like you I'm not sure whether I'll be able to carry it off.

Emily O'Brien said...

Hi, love the blog! I've nominated you for a Liebster award, check out the details here :)

Leah said...

This orange lip look great on you :)

Emily said...

Thanks! :)

Emily said...

For me it was just about biting the bullet and giving it a go! You never know until you try :) xx