Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Review // Chilly B Goodies Review

I’ve been getting into my natural skincare recently (remember this post?), so you can imagine my delight when Julie, founder of the Chilly B Soap Company was kind enough to send me across a few things to try. I was already a big fan of the company which makes handmade soaps with integrity, combining the highest ethical standards with preservative-free and paraben-free ingredients that are tested only on Julie’s friends and family. The icing on the cake? The products are gorgeous, and they really work.

I was sent over two balms and two facial skincare products to try. I couldn’t pick a favourite if I tried, so I will go through them in no particular order. The Luscious Lime Lip Balm* drew me in first due to its tart scent which cannot be mistaken for anything but lime. This is perfect to perk you up a bit in the mornings, and sits like a beautiful moisturising glaze on the lips. It is not at all watery like other natural lip balms that I have tried, luxuriously oily, and amazingly - like all of Chilly B’s products - has been fragranced solely with essential oils. The only way that I could envisage this product causing a problem for me is if I am prepping my lip for a night out, as the oil may hinder your lipstick from lasting as long.

If you’re a fan of lavender, then the Lavender Hand Balm* is an absolute must for you. Not only has it left my hands feeling supple and soft, but it makes for a wonderfully relaxing hand massage before you go to bed. I also like to use it as a cuticle oil whilst I’m at it, which it’s perfect for! When the product is sat in the container it is a little like a hard wax, but once you scrape some out, it only takes a pea-sized amount for it to melt effortlessly into your hands and forearms; the ideal pick-me-up after a stressful day! Of course I couldn’t mention this product without a word on the packaging. In a word: beautiful. This has been proudly sat on my dressing table for a few weeks now, and the gorgeous lavender and rose geranium aromas never fail to wow me.

The skincare products were slightly different in that they are not as potent as the other cosmetics that I was sent. This was definitely a pro for me. I do not like putting anything that’s heavily fragranced on my skin, as I feel that it often irritates it. The only scent that the Facial Moisturiser* carried was very light, and naturally occurring in the oils that are used to make the product hydrating. The moisturiser comes with a pump dispenser which is very useful, as it feels more hygienic and prevents you from wasting product - trust me, you don’t need much! I don’t need much more than the size of a pea to cover my face and neck. The texture is smooth and light without being at all watery, and sinks into the skin with ease. I still feel as though the product is working for a while afterwards, as it leaves the skin feeling plump and hydrated.

The final product that I was given to sample was unlike anything else that I had tried before. This Honey, Oat and Almond Milk Facial Cleansing Bar* is completely unfragranced and creates a milky lather when wet. This could be massaged nicely into the skin for a fresh, clean feeling face. It did not give the deep cleanse that I go for with some of my other products, but that's what made it ideal for morning-time use. I think that's one of the things that I love most about this product; its sheer simplicity. Since the product is made with completely natural ingredients, Chilly B recommends that you rub this onto a facial cloth to prolong its use and leave it on a wire rack to breathe in between uses. Although this makes it a little for fiddle-some in the mornings, I know that it’s worth it to gently refresh and revive my skin without drowning it in the chemicals that are found in so many commercial products.

I have to say that I am beyond impressed with the products, and of course the company as a whole. Julie’s passion for honest, gentle care for sensitive skin really shines through (if you have a moment, Chilly B’s Our Story page is definitely worth a read). I currently have a fast-growing wish list from their website, and I would encourage you all to have a gander yourselves, even if just for their beautiful photography! Although if you have any birthday gifts to buy soon, I think that these will make beautiful and affordable gifts.

*N.B. I was sent these products to review, but all opinions are my own. I was not paid to write this post. To view my full disclaimer, please click here.*

Which product do you like the look of best?
Do you use any handmade or natural beauty products?

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Naaj Rona said...

Firstly, the review is bang on Emily. The description is thorough and to the point.

I love collecting lip and hand products, don't know why. This ones definitely sound interesting. I have never tried lime lip balm, I either go for scent free or strawberry ones but Line sounds interesting.

I will definitely check the website. Thanks for the review.

Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

Emily said...

No worries Naaj, I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for such a lovely comment :) x

Naaj Rona said...

You are most welcome. I love the about us, the story behind it so touching.

Emily said...

I know isn't it lovely?! x