Saturday, 15 March 2014

Review // Cocoa Brown Tan One Hour Mousse*

It's a rare occurrence for me to talk about fake tan on my blog. It's no secret that I'm not quite a bronze goddess, and as far as I'm concerned, that's OK. I don't see anything wrong with being pale, and I encourage people to embrace the paste (ugh, I really hate that term). From time to time, though, I do get in the mood for a little colour. I'm usually a die-hard St. Tropez Mousse fan, but after receiving a Cocoa Brown Tan One Hour Mousse* at the Briz Blog Meet I decided that it was time to venture outside of my comfort zone. I'm pleased to report that it was a wise decision, indeed!

The first thing that really attracted me to this product was its promise of fast results. Once applied, this self tanner claims to give skin a 'light glow' within an hour, darkening to a dark glow after just three hours. Depending on how long you're willing to give it, the product should be left on the skin until you're ready to rinse it off. I decided to go all in and give my tan a little over three hours to develop and I was really impressed the results from just one treatment. Admittedly I did go over some spots, such as my legs, more than once (I may have been procrastinating...), but even after one hour my legs were sporting an impressive, bronzed glow.

I would highly recommend applying this tanner with some sort of glove. I was a little surprised at first when I started to apply it, because the product came out really quickly into what I would describe as resembling chocolate foam. Its consistency was a lot drier than the St Tropez product that I was used to using, but it was still really easy to apply. It went on smoothly, although I did feel like I had to work pretty quickly before the product dried. On the plus side this meant no waiting before I put my clothes on again, and no stains on them!

BEFORE APPLICATION . . . . . . . . // . . . . . . . . AFTER ONE HOUR

Despite some of my hesitations in using the product, I am pleased to report that even after rinsing my body off (and being careful not to use any soap, as per the instructions!) I was completely streak-free and not at all orange. This was a real worry of mine since I am pretty pale-skinned, but better yet, I have sported no form of allergic reaction. Even though the formula is paraben-free, I'm still not sure if I'm brave enough to apply this to my neck and face. This is partly due to the fragrance used in the product. If you want a tanner that doesn't stink when you're applying it, then you'll be pleasantly surprised when you realise that the formula actually has a floral scent. For me this lasted for a good few hours on my body, but after my shower the next morning and a walk into uni I did catch a few whiffs of that infamous fake tan smell. Personally, it doesn't bother me, but I did get a little paranoid that other people might be able to smell it. Perhaps it would be beneficial to use this product and rinse it off at night time and then do your normal shower routine the following morning when it's safe to use your lotions and potions again.

Overall the pros of this product certainly outweigh the cons for me. I can't get over how quick and easy it was to use and the great results that I got. I will definitely be using this again, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to look bronzed, but is perhaps a little lazy. You could easily pop on this product before a night out, get some dinner ready, and then be ready to rinse it off by the time you're ready to wash up your plate. Oh, and in case you were wondering, day four and my tan is still going strong...

Do you have a go-to self tanner? Or are you yet to persuaded to join the dark side?
(Get it? Dark side? Like tanner? Ha.)

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Beautyqueenuk said...

I would love to see the shade it was once you had finished x

Georgia said...

This fake tan looks so good! I've been wanting to try a mousse for ages. I definitely prefer to use self tanners rather than the moisturising tans as I find they can go a bit streaky! xx

Harri Casey said...

Great post. I tried this tan out myself on Friday morning and was very impressed with the streak-free finish - however, I think next time I would leave tan on for the full 3 hours, just to give a bit more of a noticeable colour. I would certainly recommend CocoaBrown though, especially for someone like myself who's new to fake tan, but can't really splash out on the St. Tropez mousse. xxx


Emily said...

I totally agree! I'm going to use it later today as well I think, so my St Tropez has taken a back seat for now! x

Emily said...

Thanks :) I started using a tanning moisturiser recently, but I find that if you apply it daily then it goes a little streaky after a few uses too x

Emily said...

Silly me - I've added the before & after pics now :) x

Naaj Rona said...

I don't use fake tan because you know my colour. I intact wished that i was pale skin to be honest. I am going to Goa soon and the weather is going to be like 35 degrees so i will automatically get more tanned.

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