Saturday, 1 March 2014

How To // Homemade Minty Cloudy Lemonade

I always find that the transition from Winter to Spring is a weird one. It teases us with rays of sun, but just as quickly it will start tipping it down with rain. Today was the perfect example; I arrived home to beautiful sunshine, only for it be snatched away when it started hailing just as I'd got my camera out (#BloggerProblems).

Luckily I've found a way to keep yourself feeling fresh and ready for spring whatever the weather. I suppose this drink falls somewhere in between a lemonade and an iced tea depending on how you choose to serve it. The tart zest of the lemon mixed with the cooling tingle of the mint makes for a really refreshing beverage. Perfect for picnics in the sun or even a rainy day; this should put a spring in your step, regardless!

This recipe makes about a litre and a half, so remember to share with any friends or family who you think may be in need of a pick me up.


5 or 6 Lemons (enough to make 250ml juice)
6-8 Stalks of Mint
1L Boiled Water
250ml Cold Water
150g Caster Suger
Ice & Mint to Serve

Feel free to change quantities to your personal taste. This creates a pretty tart drink, and I suggest using this much mint to really bring out its flavour and freshness. I only used four small stems in my first attempt and it certainly wasn't enough.

The finished product sat in the aforementioned hail stones...

Start off with your mint tea. Make sure that your water is boiled and prepare the mint leaves. A neat tip I picked up online was to rub the mint in your hands to release some of the oils first, and then tear off the leaves and chuck into your pot of boiled water. Leave for five minutes to brew before putting in the fridge to cool down (or sit your jug in a sink of cold water).

While this is happening you can start on your lemon juice in a separate container. I just used a little hand juicer over a sieve which worked fine for me. It took me five lemons to get the amount of juice that I wanted. Leave this to the side.

Now take your 250ml of fresh water and sit in a saucepan on a low heat. Gradually add all of your sugar while stirring to create a syrup. You can add this to your lemon juice as soon as all of the sugar has dissolved.

It's time to get back to your mint water. The mint should be looking pretty shrivelled and gross right now, so sieve the majority into a serving jug. Don't put it all in at once so you can add bits of it with your lemon/syrup mix to your taste. My recipe allows for enough sugar to offset the bitterness of the lemon without becoming sickly.

This is definitely best served cold, so leave to chill for as long as you can and add some ice and mint to serve.

Overall this was a very successful first attempt, and I know I'll be making a lot more of it this spring!

What's your favourite spring-time drink?

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Beautyqueenuk said...

Ooh that does sound good x

BigMummah said...

I can vouch that this was delicious - thanks for sharing it Ems x

Rosie W said...

I've never tried making my own lemonade, but this looks loooovely.

Emily said...

It really was - can't wait to make some more! x

Emily said...

It's actually really easy! If you're a first timer, just make the syrup and add 1L of fresh water instead of the mint water. So much better than stuff you buy from the shops! x