Sunday, 9 February 2014

Flirty & Feminine Valentine's Makeup

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and if you're anything like me then you're likely to have put more thought into the makeup that you'll be wearing than where you'll actually be going. Oopsy... Of course not everyone will necessarily be spending next Friday with a partner, but I think it's still a great excuse to spoil a loved one, or even just indulge yourself. Box of chocolates for one? Yes please!

Either way I think that Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to dress up a little with some flirty, feminine makeup. I decided to go with the classic pink-inspired look with glossy lips and some fluttery falsies. If you'd like to recreate this look or something similar then carry on reading.

How To

For this look I used my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, although I would recommend that you go with your favourite. On the actual day I'll probably use something with a little more coverage to counteract any redness in the skin for a flawless finish. Of course you can also use concealer for this, especially in the under-eye area to keep your shadow and lashes the centre of attention rather than your lack of sleep. Pop some liquid highlighter onto your cheekbones before your powder to keep your makeup looking fresher for longer. Next I went for some light contouring with a powder bronzer which I took across the face to add to that Victoria's Secret-like glow. You can enhance this with a slightly shimmery light-pink blush.

For the eyes I wanted something light but smokey. I put two tones of pink across my lid, the lighter in the inner corner, and blended into the darker one in the outer corner. I also dragged some of the darker pink under my lower lash line to keep it looking fresh. To add to the smokey-ness I blended a dark matte brown into the crease. No sexy eye look is complete without some liner, in my opinion, I used pencil liner to tightline my lashes and on my waterline. This will make your lashes look thicker, but I added to this with a thin line of liquid liner on my top lashes. I winged this out slightly for a more flirty finish. To enhance my lashes even more I added some corner lashes, and finished off with a good coating of my favourite mascara.

Finish off by adding any extra highlighter to make your face look even more chiselled and glowing. The tear duct area and brow bone are a must for me, but a dab above the top lip can make your pout look fuller. A quick swipe of your favourite pink lipstick, and a little bright pink gloss in the centre of the lips and you're good to go!


Zoe said...

I love this look, you look gorgeous! So glad I have those eyeshadows to try out this look.

The Caribbean Flower

Emily said...

Aww thank you Zoe, I'd definitely love to hear how you get on with the look! xx

Antoinette Pepe said...

Benefit High Beam - love it so so much! xx


Emily said...

Same, I love liquid highlighters so much! x

Rosie W said...

This looks so lovely. I got High Beam in a gift set for Christmas but haven't used it yet, must remember to give it a try :) X

Emily said...

Thanks Rosie :)
I've had Highbeam for a while and really like it, but I like to alternate between all of my liquid highlighters x

Yige Z said...

This is such a pretty look! Your skin looks glowing in the pictures x