Thursday, 30 January 2014

Review // Chilly B Soap: Lemongrass & Coconut with Goatsmilk

I'm not normally that into soaps. You may know that I've had a bit of a thing for Philosophy Shower Gels for the last year, but the past month has brought along new top-spot contender for me. To my delight, my parents had a whole pile of Chilly B Soaps sitting on our coffee table for christmas pressies, but one of them has found its way into my bathroom...

I'm talking about the Lemongrass & Coconut with Goatsmilk soap. The perfect blend of luxury and invigoration, squeezed into a bar that'll fit in any bath or shower. I was attracted to the scent of this before anything else. The citrus tones of the lemongrass steal the show here, but aren't at all overpowering. I absolutely love vibrant, zingy smells first thing in the morning. They get me out of my zombie-like state, refresh my skin and airways and get me feeling prepped and peppy... well, keep my eyes open at least.

The bar itself is really easy to hold, but it glides smoothly across your body (or flannel/sponge/loofah), building into a thin yet creamy lather. This teamed with the incredible scent makes it both refreshing and soothing at the same time. This is almost certainly something to do with the goatsmilk. Milk has been used as a luxurious bathtime treat for thousands of years (think Queen Cleopatra - that lady knew how to have a good bath!), so I was really interested in seeing its effects. I have to say my skin now feels really nourished after showering, but I still like to finish up with a little extra moisturiser to keep my eczema at bay.

Of course I couldn't write a review without mentioning just how pretty the soaps are. Each individual bar is truly a work of art. They are handmade in Dorset, and 100% natural. They contain no parabens & no petroleum, and you know how happy that makes me! On top of this they're vegan friendly, animal friendly and artificial fragrance free... The people behind Chilly B sound very friendly indeed, and I think the love they put into their craft really shines through their products. The best bit? This was only £4.

If you fancy finding out more about Chilly B, then they also have a skincare range alongside their soaps and other body products. Personally I can't stop thinking about the brand - I'm already using one of their lip balms, and I can't wait to engage in some more 'blogging research' with the rest of their range.

Are you a soap or shower gel person?

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