Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Nude Moment

Before we carry on, I want to assure you that I will not be taking any of my clothes off. Good. Now that that's clear, today I wanted to branch out a bit from beauty items and share a few more random bits and pieces with you. Over the winter I usually end up dressed in greys and blacks, and feel a bit like my wardrobe matches the weather. This year, however, it's the pinks and nudes that have been grabbing my attention. Whether it's nail polish or fashion items, I am all over it.

Speaking of nail polishes, although it's not a strict nude I've really been loving this rose gold from Rimmel, called Posh Trash. I don't normally go for metallic finishes, but this looks really classy and makes any paint job look immaculate. This is helped by how easy the formula and brush makes it to do a decent job with just a single coat! Sticking with the goldish theme, this Inglot Lipstick 107 may be slightly rosy, but it is neutral enough to fit in with most makeup looks while still adding a slight goldish sheen to make your pout look irresistable! My only criticism would be the slightly thicker-than-I'm-used-to texture, but the colour is spot on!

The eyeshadow palette photographed above has been a favourite over the festive period. It has a gorgeous range of neutral pinks, golds and a couple of shades to push you a little further out of your comfort zone. The textures are silky and super easy to blend, and although they may not be as pigmented as my Mac shadows, they make for a subtle yet sexy smokey eye. When I add this with my Topshop Knitted Crystal Stud Jumper I am like a nude goddess! Again with the naked jokes... But seriously, I lusted over this jumper for so, so long, and more than a month on I'm still just as in love. I'm also a huge fan of clear gems and sparkly things, so this fits in with my style perfectly. On the more practical side, it's fairly fitted but provides a bit of warmth against the chilly British winter. Paired with some black jeans and chelsea boots I feel really put together, even though it's actually a really simple outfit!

*NOTE* Unfortunately the palette was a limited edition, but you can buy loads of shades of Estee Lauder eyeshadows here.

Is it just me, or is anyone else in love with nudes this winter?

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Jennifer said...

Love the look of the lipstick, I'm with you on the thick textures, but I'd probably sheer it down with some unpetroleum or something!



Miss Jith said...

Love the nail polish! I'm a sucker for glittery/metallic things but this is definitely a classy way to wear it (:

Emily said...

I'm the opposite - never really go for any metallic or glittery, but since Christmas I've been all over it! Haha x

Emily said...

That's a good idea, it only seems to be an issue for me the second or third time I apply it on the go so this would be a great tip :D x