Thursday, 26 December 2013

Happy Bloggiversary!

It's a little hard for me to believe, but today Pretty Please turns one year old. I can remember being sat right here (the sofa in the sitting room of my parents' house) and deciding to start up my very own blog. I hadn't been reading blogs for that long myself, but I wanted to find a way to contribute to the beauty community without making YouTube videos which sounded a lot more time consuming. And so Pretty Please Blog was born!

I remember not being too sure where to start with my blog, but I knew that I wanted it to grow into something bigger, and I think that I can safely say that it has. My first post didn't even have any pictures, and in the last year I've made my own template, found 200 like-minded people to share my ideas with and even met some of the lovely ladies behind other blogs like mine. I wasn't going through a great time when I first sat down to make this blog; I had a lot of things going on and I was even thinking of dropping out of uni. This little space of internet was a bit like my refuge for a while, but it has become so much more than that. I'm so much happier now, and even in these twelve short months this blog has helped me to do things that I wouldn't have even thought that I'd be able to do a year ago, from internships to making some amazing new friends.

Hmm, well I didn't particularly intend for this post to get quite as sentimental as it did... so if you're not one for all the feels then this bit should be a bit more fun. I've always fancied myself as a bit of a baker, so I thought that I'd set myself a bit of a challenge and make a lovely cake for Pretty Please! Oh god, I'm like the crazy cat lady who makes way too much a big deal out of her cats' birthdays. Even though I can't physically share this cake with you, I thought that it would fun to share some pictures. I hope that you enjoy it!

Ingredients for Vanilla Chocolate Marble Cake:
Vanilla Sponge Chocolate Sponge
1 egg 1 egg
2oz Self Raising Flour 2oz Self Raising Flour
2oz Caster Sugar 2oz Caster Sugar
2oz Butter 2oz Butter
1/2 tsp Baking Powder 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Vanilla Extract 1 tbsp Cocoa Powder (diluted in a little hot water)

I like to start off by stirring the dry ingredients together before mixing in the eggs & butter. I added the vanilla/chocolate at the very end so that I could save time on the mixing of the batters. When I put the batter in the tins I spooned out the chocolate and vanilla separately bit by bit. If you imagine a clockface, I put the vanilla from 12-3 and 6-9 o'clock and chocolate from 3-6 and 9-12 o'clock in both tins. After this I added the swirl effect with a teaspoon.

After baking at 180° for 20 minutes I opted for a cream cheese-style icing and smoothed this over the top and sides. All of the toppings are 100% edible and made from various sweets and fondant icing. I was particularly proud of the Canon camera that I made.

Reading this post back I realise how incredibly clichéd and cheesy it sounds, but it's all true! In a little way I suppose that blogging has changed my life, but so do all of the decisions that we make. All I know that I'm very pleased indeed that I did press that 'Make Blog' button all those months ago, and it's really special experience that I've been able to share. I just hope that I can have another year that's just as special with all of you reading along the way!

So whether you read my blog regularly, or you've just clicked on a link by accident and stayed for a little browse: thank you.

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Nathalie L said...

That cake looks so delicious! I love the little lipsticks and the little nailpolish, it's so cute :). Congrats on your one year bloggiversary! :D


Valérie said...

Are you kidding me?? It's my bloggiversary tomorrow! Hahaha I was only one day late otherwise we could have celebrated together :D I love your blog, congrats! And you're a very lovely person :D

Keep up the good work!
Even after being slighty indigested from the Christmas dinner, I still think your cake looks amazing!

Valérie //

Valérie said...

PS: I'm not even sure if "indigested" is a word... But I'm sure you'll get my point! :P

Emma lc said...

Oh my !! You did this cake all by yourself! It's amazing ! + it looks delicious !

Emily said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comment this has really made my day :)

It's so funny that our blogs were pretty much set up around the same time! We'll have to celebrate together next year :)
I'm a big fan of your blog too, so I'll be popping by tomorrow to leave you a bloggiversary message :) xxx

Emily said...

Thanks Nathalie :D They weren't too tricky to make after a lot of trial and error haha xx

Emily said...

Thank you! We're only just cut into it and it's really nice :) X

Miss. Louise said...

Happy Holidays and Congrats!! That cake turned out great! I can't believe you made that yourself!!

Madeleine S-B said...

Just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! Congratualtions on a year of blogging! And that cake looks sooooo good :3 haha.

Cornelia Kennedy said...

Happy birthday, blog! What a cute cake!

Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

Emily said...

Thank you! We cut it open yesterday and it tasted just as yummy :) xx

JennyGuan said...

aww that's adorable

Sammi Penni said...

Happy bloggiversary! That cake is adorable!

Daniella said...

great post! would you like to follow eachother?



Chelsea Louise Haden said...

Very talented indeed. I love the lipsticks.
It's amazing how just a little bit of space in such a vast amount of it, can be your place for you time where so much happens and contributes to your life in a great way.


Mismatched Knitwear said...

You made a cake?! I'm so jealous of your baking skills! I feel like my bloggiversary post is pretty naff now...
Happy One Year! Hopefully I'll see you again in the new year xx