Thursday, 26 December 2013

Happy Bloggiversary!

It's a little hard for me to believe, but today Pretty Please turns one year old. I can remember being sat right here (the sofa in the sitting room of my parents' house) and deciding to start up my very own blog. I hadn't been reading blogs for that long myself, but I wanted to find a way to contribute to the beauty community without making YouTube videos which sounded a lot more time consuming. And so Pretty Please Blog was born!

I remember not being too sure where to start with my blog, but I knew that I wanted it to grow into something bigger, and I think that I can safely say that it has. My first post didn't even have any pictures, and in the last year I've made my own template, found 200 like-minded people to share my ideas with and even met some of the lovely ladies behind other blogs like mine. I wasn't going through a great time when I first sat down to make this blog; I had a lot of things going on and I was even thinking of dropping out of uni. This little space of internet was a bit like my refuge for a while, but it has become so much more than that. I'm so much happier now, and even in these twelve short months this blog has helped me to do things that I wouldn't have even thought that I'd be able to do a year ago, from internships to making some amazing new friends.

Hmm, well I didn't particularly intend for this post to get quite as sentimental as it did... so if you're not one for all the feels then this bit should be a bit more fun. I've always fancied myself as a bit of a baker, so I thought that I'd set myself a bit of a challenge and make a lovely cake for Pretty Please! Oh god, I'm like the crazy cat lady who makes way too much a big deal out of her cats' birthdays. Even though I can't physically share this cake with you, I thought that it would fun to share some pictures. I hope that you enjoy it!

Ingredients for Vanilla Chocolate Marble Cake:
Vanilla Sponge Chocolate Sponge
1 egg 1 egg
2oz Self Raising Flour 2oz Self Raising Flour
2oz Caster Sugar 2oz Caster Sugar
2oz Butter 2oz Butter
1/2 tsp Baking Powder 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Vanilla Extract 1 tbsp Cocoa Powder (diluted in a little hot water)

I like to start off by stirring the dry ingredients together before mixing in the eggs & butter. I added the vanilla/chocolate at the very end so that I could save time on the mixing of the batters. When I put the batter in the tins I spooned out the chocolate and vanilla separately bit by bit. If you imagine a clockface, I put the vanilla from 12-3 and 6-9 o'clock and chocolate from 3-6 and 9-12 o'clock in both tins. After this I added the swirl effect with a teaspoon.

After baking at 180° for 20 minutes I opted for a cream cheese-style icing and smoothed this over the top and sides. All of the toppings are 100% edible and made from various sweets and fondant icing. I was particularly proud of the Canon camera that I made.

Reading this post back I realise how incredibly clich├ęd and cheesy it sounds, but it's all true! In a little way I suppose that blogging has changed my life, but so do all of the decisions that we make. All I know that I'm very pleased indeed that I did press that 'Make Blog' button all those months ago, and it's really special experience that I've been able to share. I just hope that I can have another year that's just as special with all of you reading along the way!

So whether you read my blog regularly, or you've just clicked on a link by accident and stayed for a little browse: thank you.

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