Monday, 9 December 2013

Get The Christmas Glow

Photographed (left to right): Mac eyeshadow in Shroom// Benefit's High Beam // Naked Pigment in #2 from Sierra Nevada Collection// Mac Pigment in Vanilla // Limited Edition Mac Eyeshadow

There’s a certain glow associated with Christmas that I just can’t get enough of. This is also something that I really enjoy incorporating into my makeup looks; we’ve all heard of that ‘candlelight glow’, but what is it and how do we get it?!
By adding certain products onto the correct areas of our faces, we can add a subtle iridescence that the light will reflect at certain angles. Not only is this really fun, but it makes your skin look so fresh and youthful and can even make your face look slimmer! Today I'm going to share with you some of the products and techniques that I like to use to achieve this look.

The main areas that you’re going to want to add your highlight are the parts that you want to appear to stick further out such as the tops of the cheekbones, your brow bone, the centre of your nose and just above your lips. You can even add a bit to the inner corner of your eye just to brighten up the area and make your eyes seem further apart. If you really want to go all out, mix a little bit of highlighting product in with your foundation - don’t worry, you won’t sparkle like Edward Cullen if the light hits you - with the right products it’ll just add a subtle glow and make your skin look brighter. This is something I particularly love to do with my Nars Illuminator in Copacabana (full review here). Since it's a liquid formula it mixes really well, but blends just as well when applied on top of foundation. Lots of other brands provide similar alternatives such as Benefit High Beam which is lovely, too.

When you're picking your highlighter, it's important to keep in mind the colour just as much as the formula. For example, if you’re very pale, an eggshell white shade may complement your skin-tone quite nicely, whereas if your skin is warmer or darker, then you might be better suited to something like a gold or copper-toned highlighter. If you're having trouble finding a highlighter in a colour that suits you then you may want to turn to the world of pigments. I love pigments because they're just so versatile! They can be used almost anywhere on the face, so it's very easy just to pick up a brush and pop it on with precision. Careful, though! These can be messy and you’ll need some sort of base or primer for it to stick to! I've tried pigments from Mac and Naked (full review available here) and would recommend either. If you're on a budget I've also heard that Barry M has a good range of colours.

Much like pigments, a shimmery pressed eyeshadow can be a great way to add a highlight without buying a specific highlighter. I wouldn’t recommend trying to mix a pressed eyeshadow in with your foundation, though! Just tap onto the desired area with an eyeshadow brush, blend out a little and you're good to go! This is another great option if you're having trouble finding a highlighter that matches your skintone and can save you a bit of extra dosh. Other alternatives include powder highlighters (I'm dying to get my hands on Soft and Gentle by Mac), and you can even get a cream-to-powder highlight with the Nars Multiple (think giant lipstick - picture/review here).

Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration for some lovely, glowing Christmas skin. This is a really subtle way to get creative when you're feeling festive so I hope that you'll all think of me next time you're getting ready to go out and whip out the highlighter, or just play with a few shimmery shadows that you may have already at home!

What's your favourite Christmas-y makeup item?

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Cat said...

Great post hun. I always struggle with highlighter like you said, and end up looking like Edward Cullen! Will have to give it another go :D