Friday, 29 November 2013

Tutorial // Contour like Conchita Wurst

Above: Kett Creme Foundation in N1 and N5 before being blended

If there's one thing I like about the Kardashians, it's their makeup style. Sure, they all have perfect cheekbones anyway, but they don't seem to go anywhere without a bit of bronzer for an extra boost. Since can't all be blessed with the perfect bone structure, I thought that I'd try out a little cheat. Another well-loved figure that's quite new to the scene is Eurovision 2014's Conchita Wurst with her killer contoured cheekbones. If you've seen the well-known Kim Kardashian selfie (check it out here) then you'll know that she's a fan of using cream products to achieve a chiseled look. If you're a fan of Conchita then vamping this up will look great, too! My weapons of choice are the Kett Cream Foundations. Using cream products makes them easier to blend and therefore gives a much more natural gradient and finish.

I used a flat foundation brush first to put my highlighting shade on any part of the face I wanted to pop out or appear as if were protruding. Next I went in with a smaller foundation brush to work the darker shade into the areas where I wanted to create a shadow (the jawline, cheekbones, nose and temples). I wouldn't recommend using your fingers, as it can be tricky getting the product out of the pan and I find that I get more precision with a brush. It's also important when picking your shades to think about how obvious you want the effect to be; as a general rule don't go more than four shades up or down to keep it looking believable. After I was happy with my initial application it was time to blend. I used my Real Techniques Buffing Brush which worked perfectly. I also applied a thin layer of foundation afterwards which really helped to create a smooth finish and acts as an easier canvas to put any more makeup on top.

Before and after shots

Well, I might not look like a Kardashian (or Conchita for that matter!) but I was really pleased with the effect. The process was actually really simple, and it's always nice to avoid using so much powder when my skin gets a little dried over winter! Plus cream products are so easy to blend, that I think once you've gone through the technique once it would be really quick to do it again. The Kett foundations also worked really nicely, and I have both shades in a handy palette which makes it perfect for convenient travel. My only criticism of the product itself is that in the cold it needs to warm up a bit before you're able to transfer enough onto the brush. I'll definitely be going for this method of contouring next time I go out!

Do you like the Kardashians? What's your favourite way to contour?

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Charlie said...

Oh love this post. Can't stand the Kardashians but I love a bit of contouring and this looks great. Might get some of those foundations!

Emily said...

Thanks Charlie! I'm a big fan of contouring when I want to look a little more put together. I go on and off the Kardashians a lot, my parents can't stand them either though! x

BigMummah said...

Love this post. You look fab - as always.