Friday, 1 November 2013

Beauty Icon Series: Audrey Hepburn

I do not look anything like Audrey Hepburn. I wasn't blessed with her phenomenal bone structure or her beautiful dark hair and eyes, but if there's one thing of Audrey's that I admire above all else it's her impeccable sense of style. I absolutely love her cute, yet sophisticated makeup looks that are beautiful, fresh and feminine. Today I've decided to have a look at how we can take something from Audrey's makeup style for day to day use.

Brow Power

The first thing that I really admire about Audrey's style is her brows; they are a beautiful shape and always look nicely groomed. To tame my brows I gave them a quick comb with my spoolie and then filled in any sparse areas with some matte, brown powder shadow. If you want to make your brows look even sharper, you can go around the edges with a small brush and some concealer. Add a little clear mascara on top to keep them in place!

Pretty in Pink

To make the look nice and fresh, just like Audrey's, baby pink colours are best for your cheeks and lips. I used a lightweight foundation to keep myself looking youthful and not too made up, and then used a light pink blush from my Nyx Butt Naked Eyes palette across my cheeks. I picked this blush as it has a slight iridescence which works a little like a highlighter. When it came to lips I didn't want to use anything too heavy, so I used my Nivea Pearly Shine Lipbalm. For a bit of added shine I put Mac Partial to Pink Cremesheen Glass over the top. This is the perfect everyday Audrey combination.

Flirty Flicks

Audrey's signature slightly flicked liner is what makes this look a little flirty. Since my eyes are a bit hooded, a small flick wouldn't be that noticeable so I've left out that bit. I have used some black liquid liner to make my eyes look a little rounder and help my lashes look thicker. It's important that this line isn't too thick or thin, as you want it to be noticeable without dominating the look. If you're a shadow addict like me, I'd recommend sticking with light colours. Neutrals and pastels are best; you really want that liner to pop!

Beauty icons is a series that I'm thinking of continuing over the coming weeks. I will be taking a famous figure for each post, and sharing my tips on how to adapt aspects of their makeup looks into an everyday look. I think that this series should be a lot of fun to do, so if you have any ideas for beauty icons who have a distinct makeup look, then make sure you tell me in the comments! Ooh, and this week was my birthday and I got a new camera! So you can expect some fancy schmancy pictures once I've got the hang of it.

What do you like best about Audrey's look?

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Rachel Kathryn said...

As much as I like playing around with smoky shadows and dark lipsticks, a pretty, natural face is my all-time favorite on all ladies!

Emily said...

I totally agree with you! Makeup can be so much fun, but I love looking fresh faced best of all xx