Friday, 6 September 2013

Lipstick Chat: Creme Cup by Mac

I often go through phases with my lipstick preferences. Whether it be a certain trend, my mood, or even the weather that sets me off, there are certain colours that I repeatedly crave. One such shade is the 'not-too-pink' bright pink. Spring and summer get me in the mood to wear a bright pink lip, but having cool-toned, pale skin it can be difficult to find a colour that doesn't wear me.

Fortunately, I have rediscovered this asset to my makeup collection. Creme Cup by Mac is the mid-toned pink that manages to perk up my pale face without being the centre of attention. It really just ticks all the boxes! This was my first ever Mac purchase, and so I was shocked that this had been so unloved for so long. It's been one of my favourite lipsticks to use over the past month when I want a pretty non-statement lip that but isn't totally natural, either. It has a creamy consistency (as the name may suggest), but it does need to be applied lightly and with care, or it could end up looking a little caked-on. Luckily it has great pigmentation which means that one swipe is just enough to pretty up your pout. Oh, and don't leave it in a hot car like I did - it will melt!

All swatches taken in natural daylight

Despite having spent the last few months gathering dust in my makeup drawer this gets a huge thumbs up from me! I think that it would be a fantastic addition to anyone's makeup collection, especially if you're a pale girl who struggles to find a wearable brightish pink!

What's your favourite not-too-natural lip colour?

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Coco said...

Creme Cup is one of my new favorites xx

Zoe said...

Hue looks nice!

The Caribbean Flower

Kelly Lelly said...

I love these colours, definitely my spectrum!

Kelly ||

Amber Hunter said...

I think it's time I pick up crème cup; I love just about all light pinks!


Lovely Notions

Emily said...

I don't normally wear light pinks, but I love this one! :) x

Allthingsglitterandbeauty said...

I have creme cup and I absolutely love it. I just discovered your blog and followed you via gfc and bloglovin and would be happy if you'd check out my blog and follow me back if you like!