Friday, 16 August 2013

Summer Holiday Beauty Minis

At the beginning of the month I went away for my first couple's holiday with my boyfriend. We had a really lovely time, and the night before we stayed in the airport which meant both me and Phil getting over-excited. While Phil expressed his excitement by pulling an all nighter before our early morning flight, I went on a little mad one in Boots. What I bought may not seem that extreme to some of you, but after saving up for this holiday all year and being on a tight student budget, it was nice to buy a few things without planning it beforehand.

So, sit tight and enjoy my little roundup of summer beauty minis!

Original Source Lemon and Tea Tree Shower Gel £1.20 - This may be my favourite of my purchases. It's gorgeous fresh scent makes it a delight to use and leaves you feeling refreshed as well as relaxed. I've used Original Source shower gel before but after a while started to switch it up so that I didn't get bored. With this scent, however, I have to opposite problem. Since getting home I've been finding myself trying to use this as infrequently as possible so that it can last for longer!

Charles Worthington Sunshine Protector Shampoo £1.99 - I needed some travel-sized shampoo but I was especially pleased with the practical aspect of this one. This did a great job of keeping my hair feel clean and controllable. It claims to have notes of peach, melon and rose but I didn't think that they were that noticeable and left more of a fresh smell. I didn't feel like the actual act of using it felt particularly luxurious, but sometimes you just need something that gets the job done!

Charles Worthington Sunshine Protector Conditioner £1.99 - This was a great complimenary product to the shampoo. Even when I did get chlorine in my hair this did a fantastic job of stopping it from going frizzy and I really don't feel as though my hair suffered any sun damage at all, although the difference may be even more noticeable for women who have colour-treated hair. Unfortunately I cannot find this or the shampoo on any online sites I trust, but I'm sure that they will still be available in the travel aisles of many Boots stores.

Soap and Glory Flake Away £2.50 - It's a good idea to have a decent exfoliator on hand before you go on holiday so that your skin is looking and feeling its best ready for those lazy beach days. This is especially true if you are trying to get your feet beach-ready, like me. This exfoliator did a great job. I didn't find it overly harsh and its lovely peachy smell made it hard to resist. There is one flaw I would point out, in that if you get any product stuck on the lid it will not close properly which is a bit of a pain. Other than that I really can't complain!

Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla and Macadamia £2.25 - Not strictly a mini but small enough to pass for one, I have been wanting to try a Nivea Lip Butter for a while. Other beauty bloggers seem to love them and there's something about them that sounds quite luxurious. For me, I think it's the cute packaging that originally made this stand out, and the product exceeded my expectations. It smells amazing and isn't at all greasy unlike some other lip balms. The fact that it is paraben-free also made me a very happy bunny indeed!

I was so pleased with all of my purchases (including the extra one which will be in a separate post of its own very soon) and used them all whilst I was on holiday. In fact, I'm still using all of them now and would have happily purchased the full-sized versions.

What are your summer holiday beauty essentials?

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Annie said...

The lip butter sounds like it would smell delicious!

Annie |

Kelly Lelly said...

Oooh love these!
I love the look of the lemon and teatree wash :D


Zoe said...

Wanna try that Nivea lip butter. Sounds pretty amazing.

The Caribbean Flower