Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Loves

August has been a really great month for me. Not only did I start off the month with my first ever couple's holiday, but I also got to go on my second work placement of the summer. Naturally this involved a lot of traveling, and so any beauty items that made the cut for my makeup bag had to be pretty darn good! I have to say, I think that this month I've got a really nice little roundup of products! As per usual I’ve managed to condense them down to my top five.

Origins Vitazing - I’ve had this product for a few months now and have never loved using it as much as I do right now. I originally started using this as an alternative to tinted moisturiser, although I wouldn't exactly describe this as a tinted moisturiser. It adds a slight tint to the skin and I’ve been using it as a base for foundation or just concealer. I love it because it adds some extra moisture and a little SPF to my makeup routine. This is a unique and well-used member of my makeup collection!

Joico K-Pak Colour Therapy Restorative Styling Oil - When I saw some Joico products at IMATS a couple of months ago I had every intention of picking up their shampoo and conditioner, but when the lovely woman at the stand told me how great this product was I knew that I just had to try it. This is without a doubt the best hair oil that I have ever tried. I love how soft and manageable it makes my hair whether I’m blowdrying or letting it dry naturally. I really notice the difference when I don’t use it and I'm pretty sure that I will be repurchasing this in a few months. That’s really saying something for me, as I think that I can sometimes be a little oblivious when it comes to haircare.

Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers - I was horrified when I turned up for the start of my three-week internship in London and realised that I had forgotten my tweezers. Luckily my mum was working in London one day and she gave me this pair. I’ve used Tweezerman tweezers before and they are without a doubt the best brand that I have ever used. The tapered end makes it so easy to pluck with precision and minimise any pain. In fact, I used these on a friend to sort out her brows and she said that she didn’t feel a thing! The fact that these are travel sized are just the icing on the cake!

Dr LeWinn’s Renunail* - I’ve already had a little rave about this product but I couldn’t leave it out of my favourites. My nails are looking the best that they have done in years and it’s all thanks to using this. If you want to read about my nail journey in detail and see some photographic evidence then you can read my review here. I’m most definitely going to be treating my nails to this product every so often when they are in need of a little TLC - I want to keep my lovely, long nails up!

Nivea Vanilla and Macadamia Lip Butter - I bought this in Boots just before going on holiday because it looked like a nice, luxurious change to my regular favourite (chapstick). I'm so pleased that I did! Not only does it smell gorgeous - I’m a sucker for vanilla - but it leaves my lips feeling lovely, too. I especially like how the texture is creamier than my other lip balms and it doesn’t feel at all greasy.

I wanted to add a little message at the end of this post to any American readers out there. I am off to Florida at the end of next week and was wondering if anybody could recommend me any beauty products that I should pick up when I'm out there? I'll be doing a haul when I get back!

What have been your favourite products to use this month?

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Beautyqueenuk said...

I really want the renunail xx

Emily said...

It's definitely the best thing I've used on my nails, so pleased with the results :) xx

Isabelle said...

I've read good things about Joico - such a pity it's not that well known here in Belgium. I'm not even sure they sell it anywhere here!

Zoe said...

Wet & Wild matte lipsticks! Can't go wrong! And physicians formula.

The Caribbean Flower

Emily said...

I'm keen to try some more of their products now, but I know what you mean, it's only because of blogging and YouTube that I'd heard about them in the first place! x

Emily said...

Thanks! I'll definitely keep an eye out! x

Albertine said...

Tweezermans tweezers are by far the best! I love them too x x