Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My June Favourites!

June's been good to me, despite the first part being taken up with exams (which of course means little to no makeup). I've had a fantastic start to the summer with IMATS, seeing friends at home and a cheeky trip to London. I hope that you enjoy my small but "eclectic" pick of beauty products.

I hope that you're all having a fantastic July so far!

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Zoe said...

I want to give that illuminator a try but I'm afraid it might be a bit too pale for me.

Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

beautypea said...

Loving the new blog design.
Been watching your videos recently, I need to get back into YouTube. I used to be obsessed with it, now blogging has taken over all of my spare time ha!
Great picks, the Nars Illuminnator looks gorgeous xx

Rachael -