Saturday, 25 May 2013

I Got Business Cards! (My experience & why I got them)

Well folks, if you hadn't already guessed by the abundant photos... Pretty Please Blog now has its very own business cards! This was something that I wanted ready for the summer when I'll be going to a few exciting beauty events and hopefully meeting some exciting new people. When my boyfriend and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to London next week which coincides with Tanya Burr's meetup, then I had to move my plans forward a little.

I was originally going to order these through Moo which I know is a site that a lot of bloggers use for their cards. The site was so user friendly, but unfortunately the price really started to add up when I realised that I'd need to put the cards on rush order so that they'd arrive in time for my London trip. This was when I turned to Vistaprint. Vistaprint was a lot cheaper than Moo for what I wanted. Even on rush order the grand total of my 250 cards (with which I got a swanky business card holder free of charge) was cheaper than the hundred I almost ordered on Moo. I can imagine it'll take me a little while to hand those out, but it was the minimum number you could order and I'm so pleased with them.

The Cards
The process was very simple. On both sites you are able to upload your own images to your business card if you do not want to use one of their templates. As you can see, I uploaded my blog logo to the back of the card and also a small image on the other side (the coloured writing header). You can then add your own text - I'd say that Moo's website made this aspect of the design very simple, but on Vistaprint while I was able to create an almost identical template it did take me a little longer. As you can see both images have come out really well, but you need to make sure you follow the recommended dimensions otherwise the picture could come out fuzzy (I used the Moo recommended dimensions on their template builder). I was very pleased with delivery too. I would definitely recommend ordering business cards well in advance so that you don't have to fork over extra cash for speed printing (I learned that it does not come cheap), but all the same I was very pleased with the service. I ordered these on Tuesday night and despite warning me that they may not arrive until Tuesday 28th, they came in yesterday morning's post (Friday 24th)! The card itself is a standard rectangular 88x55mm card with a matte finish. This was the cheapest option as I didn't want to go for anything too fancy. All I really want is something that's quick and easy to give to people with whom I start discussing my blog. Handing out a business card makes you look a lot more organised and professional than scrabbling about for a pen and piece of scrap paper in my opinion (not that there's anything wrong with the latter!).

Erm, Emily... why do you have business cards?
In case any of you were interested I have a few plans over the summer where I want to make sure that I have a business card so that I can spread the word about my blog. Besides, I would not have started a blog if I did not want to share my thoughts and opinions to others. Please do not think that this is out of arrogance, I put a lot of time and effort into my blog and so I do not see any reason that I should shy away from telling people what I do. Of course I am not going to force my card onto others, only those that I talk to and think may be interested. As I have already mentioned I am attending the Tanya Burr meetup this coming Wednesday and so I will be sure to bring my business card holder along there, just in case I bump into any fellow beauty bloggers. To be honest I'm so proud of my new business card holder I'll probably start carrying it around in my purse (it makes me feel grown up, OK?! haha) but I'll also be sure to take a few cards along to IMATS with me next month. I've also found out about an upcoming lecture being hosted in Bristol by the Society of Cosmetic Scientists which I'm going to pop along to. On top of that I've got a couple of little makeup type jobs planned that I'll be doing for fun, so I'll be sure to have them on me then, too.

I've got to say I feel very grown up and inspired now that these have arrived. Are any of you going to IMATS? Excited doesn't even come close!

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