Saturday, 30 March 2013

Liebster Blog Award / About Me

Liebster Blog Award

So I recently got nominated by Abby from One Dollar Milkshake for the Liebster Award.
This was a pretty nice surprise to cheer up my mundane Tuesday evening :D

Anyway, the point of the Liebster award is that you complete the tag and then pass the torch onto others... here are the rules:

1. Share 11 things about yourself on your blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions that your tagger gave you.
3. Choose 11 fellow blogs to nominate. The nominees must have less than 200 Google Friend Connect Followers and be told via comment on their blog.
4. Think of 11 questions to ask the bloggers that you nominated.
5.Say thank you to the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.

So to any of you crazy kids that get nominated, be prepared... Time for me to get on with the tag.

Eleven things about me

1. I’m a chocaholic (I gave it up for lent and have moaned about it every single day)
2. Once upon a time I refused to wear makeup other than for special occasions
3. I have never dyed my hair. Unless two rounds of highlights count.
4. I have a drama scholarship at uni
5. I play three instruments, although since starting uni haven’t had much time for them :(
6. I once got stuck in a toilet cubicle during one of my physics lessons and had to wait to be rescued
7. My friends used to call me ‘Fatty Two Cakes’ because I’d always buy two cupcakes at break. Greedy, aren’t I?
8. I met my boyfriend on a cruise (ooooooh)
9. When I was little I used to really really want to be a mermaid and even asked Santa to turn me into one for Christmas one year.
10. I am an only child (boo hoo)
11. One of my legs is about an inch longer than the other which sounds quite funny but it’s actually a real pain


What is/was your favorite subject in school?
I really miss my Philosophy and Ethics A level classes because of the people, teachers and subject matter. I would highly recommend the course! ;)
If you could be any animal, which one would you like to be?
Can I pick human? haha... probably a really cute dog because I reckon they’d have a pretty chilled life getting up to all sorts like cheeky pups do.
Have you ever tried to catch a pigeon?
No, but yesterday one of my flatmates had to - my other flatmate left his window open while he went skiing :/
Do you have any celebrity crushes(If you say Harry Styles I´m going to laugh:D)?
I can’t think of one now, but I used to really fancy William Moseley (Peter from the Narnia movies) when I was quite a bit younger. Turns out that he’s actually one of my best friend’s cousins!
If you get a hamster on Christmas day what would you name it?
I actually find hamsters a bit creepy, but if I had one I’d probably call it Bear.
What´s your biggest goal in life?
This is a kind of embarrassing but as much as I want to have a successful career in the cosmetics industry, my main goal is to have my own little family.
Which one is your favourite Bond movie?
I don’t really watch them to be honest, but I remember watching Quantum of Solace (I think) and kind of enjoying it.
Whats the worst name you ever heard?
I don’t want to be harsh to anyone! I did hear that one person tried to name their child Hashtag though :/
Be honest: Have you ever slipped on a banana peel?
No, I’m afraid not. I have fallen over plenty of times though.
What sound makes your alarm clock?
It’s a really annoying one on my phone, it sounds a bit like an electronic chicken. I don’t know why I haven’t changed it yet.
What´s your best friends name in your cellphone? 
I’m pretty boring and have most people saved as their real name on their phone. One of my friends is saved as ‘Irrelevant Pea Brain’ - she was there at the time and we found it funny.


1. What did you dream about last night?
2. Would you say that you’re a dog or a cat person?
3. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
4. Tell us about something that you’re looking forward to?
5. If you could choose between a five star hotel in New York and a safari in Africa, which would you pick?
6. What’s your favourite piece of jewellery and why?
7. Do you have a guilty pleasure?
8. Are there any TV shows that you’re hooked on at the moment?
9. Would you rather go out with nice hair and horrible makeup or horrible makeup and nice hair?
10. Who’s the last person you texted?
11. If you could give £10,000 to one person you know, who would it be?


Kitty Hannon
D is for...
Art Style Love
(Scribbles of Valerie)

I know it's only three (strictly speaking I can't nominate Valerie as she has over 200 followers, but I love her blog so the link's there anyway), but I'd rather let you know about a couple of great blogs than loads that are just so-so.

I’m so grateful to Abby for including me in this, it’s genuinely so lovely to see that people are enjoying my blog :)
Can I hear a woop woop?
Calm down now Emily, the post’s over....


Dannielle said...

Thank you so much for the nomination! I've answered it today, and if you're interested in seeing the answers to your questions here's the link! :)


Unknown said...

Congratulations on being nominated! Just followed you!
We're a new blog, maybe you can come check us out?:)
love, xx

Unknown said...

Oh thank you very much! I'll check out your blog now x

Unknown said...

Not at all, I enjoy reading your blog :)
I'll check out yours now x

Victoria Talia said...

Love these kinds of posts! Congratulations on the blog award, btw! :) I also heard about that couple who tried to name their baby "Hashtag" - a bit weird, if you ask me...feel a bit sorry for the baby.

Haha, I'd choose to be a cute dog as well - most dogs are super spoiled and have really good lives (I know mine does, haha) :)