Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Instant Oomph Powder: A Quick Rave

V05 Instant Oomph Powder

I have flat hair. I know, it's very sad. Unfortunately for me I know far more about making my face look nice than my head, but I've got to say it does put me in a darn good mood when my hair is looking pretty. I like it most when it has some volume instead of lying flat against my face (which it seems to like to do more often than not).

The first thing that surprised me about this is that it really works! I've tried a few mousses and sprays, but the product that gives me the best instant results has to be this. In this cute pink bottle you get 7g of the powder for £4.09. This may not seem like much bang for your buck but you really really don't need much product per use. Literally a couple of pinches in your roots is enough to give your hair a bit of lift. If you use any more your hair will be left with a horrible matte yet sticky feel that you can only get out by washing it. I found this out the hard way. This means you're never going to to reach Amy Winehouse heights with this product. It is, however, perfect for people like me who have thin looking hair and want to add some subtle "oomph" to their roots. If flat hair is plaguing your beauty routine then you should definitely give this a try.

Have you guys tried this product? Are there any "holy grail" products for flat hair that I should know about?



Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Aww thank you so much, you have such a great blog!
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Krista said...

I've never seen this before and it seems pretty interesting. I just might just have to try this now.

Charlotte said...

oo may have to try this

ordaining serendipity