Monday, 18 February 2013

Valentines Goodies

Well I have certainly been a lucky girl this Valentine’s Day...

I am well aware that everybody sees Valentine’s Day differently, and to be honest, every year I have a slightly different outlook on it. This year, though, was my first with my boyfriend Phil (you may have seen me go on about him before in previous posts). Valentines was a lovely excuse for me to get the train up to his and spend a lovely weekend together.

Necklace - H Samuel

Lush gift box including: Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, Soft Coeur Massage Bar and Blue Soap (still looking for the link to this one!
Also feature in picture: Red Chocolate Heart

Philosophy Bath & Shower Gel Lush Gift Box (and chocolate heart)
All of my lovely presents!

Phil knows me so well, I love the silver heart necklace, and shorter necklaces with a cute, modest little pendant are just my thing. He also got me one of my favourite shower gels to add to my collection in a new fragrance (which I think must be limited edition as I cannot find it on Philosophy's website, sorry!). He also knows how much I like lush, but as I have no bath tub at uni this was perfect. Everything smells absolutely amazing and the skin conditioner is probably one of my favourites now! I can't wait to try out the soap (how pretty?!) plus I'd had my eye on Lush's massage bars for a while. Gorgeous girly goodies :)

Although the presents were lovely, my favourite part of the weekend was getting to spend time together. Since I am at university and Phil has a full time job we really do cherish the time that we get together. We try to see each other most weekends but we’re a good five hour journey apart and so it isn’t easy. I had an amazing time even if we didn’t do that much out of the ordinary. The weekend involved a trip to Nandos, going to the cinema, a sunny day out and about taking pictures near the beach and spending some time with Phil’s family. It’s weekends like this that really makes it all worth while :)

For those of you who may not have had a boyfriend/girlfriend to celebrate Valentines with this year remember you have other loved ones in your life. I hope you took the opportunity to spend some time with your family and friends, or just had a normal day if that’s how you roll!

Have a great week guys!