Monday, 11 February 2013

My Favourite Makeup (and nails) of the Week!

Hello blog peoples! I feel rather as though I've been neglecting you recently, and that's just not on! I'm having a bit of trouble juggling all of my commitments at the moment but I do love love love posting on here, so just so that I feel like I'm doing something to bridge us until my next proper post I thought that I'd share with you some pretty pictures from the past few days. Here we go!

I had a spare hour and so I thought that I'd do a nice makeup on my face - I really loved the outcome and added some gold eyeshadow to the area on the centre of my lid before I went out later which gave a lovely, glamorous effect. The eyeshadows I'm wearing are just matte purplish tones from my NYX palette (the one from my January favourites). The main purpose of this makeup was to practise using my Kett Creme Foundation and do some natural contouring.

I love sharing makeup that I've done with you because it really is one of my favourite things to do, so if you'd like to see any tutorials then please let me know. I've also just done a cheeky MAC order so I may share some of that with you when it arrives :)

In risk of sounding like a lazy student, when I was watching a film for my Italian class (yes, my homework really was to watch a film!) I decided to try something creative with my nails. This is a little out of the box for me, but I didn't want to see my lovely long acrylics go to waste and I was really pleased with the result! The base colour is Mint Candy Apple by Essie (a blogosphere favourite, and one of mine too) and I sponged a darker blue colour (Skinny Jeans by Sephora by OPI) onto the tips. I think that the layer of Ice Crush by Topshop really finishes off the look - what I love about it best is the mix of big and little chunks of glitter. Hooray for glitter!

I've got a haul lined up for you guys very soon, so hopefully the sun will come out so that I can take some pictures for you!

Hope you're having a Merry Monday and a gorgeous rest of week :)

Emily x


Cosmetopia Digest said...

I love your ombre nails - I'm going to copy it (I don't own the exact polishes, but will try a blue or purple combo tomorrow). I suck at ombre because I tend to use similar colours or they simply don't blend, but let's see if I can do something similar to this. Will credit you for the inspiration though :)
My Beauty Junction

Unknown said...

Oh how sweet of you!
Trust me, I was never one for being good at doing my nails but I just sat down and gave myself a bit of time and I was pretty pleased with the result :)
I'll look out on your blog to see if you give it a go, I'm just on it now looks lovely so far :) x