Wednesday, 6 February 2013

January Loves

♥ Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Products

As I may have mentioned in my New Years Eve post (ages ago now, I know) I was lucky enough to get to stay in a hotel in York with my boyfriend for the weekend. I picked these three gems up as complimentary toiletries - maybe it’s because I’m a student and can’t afford nice hotels, but I have never been so taken with freebies before but I have to say that these are lush. I noticed the shower gel first of all because it had cool green bits in it, but I later found out that these are actually microbeads containing Vitamin A,C and E. The smell is also so so gorgeous - a lemony, citrusy sort of scent which I love and wakes me up in the morning. My body also feels lovely and smooth after I use it.

Now to the shampoo and conditioner - I actually nabbed a couple of everything because I loved it all so much. I would really recommend this shampoo to anyone whose hair is slightly misbehaving, mine has a tendency to go frizzy when I don’t want it to and sometimes even a good wash won’t sort it out, unless I use this. The conditioner is just as good: just a little bit of this and my hair turns from tangled tresses to manicured mane. (Yes I realise that didn’t really make sense but just go with it)

I’m very curious to look into some other Peter Thomas Roth products and buy some full-sized versions when I’m in need of any more toiletries.

♥ Topshop Necklace

Most of my favourites from last month are still standing and I’m just writing about new products that I’ve found, but this baby has pretty much replaced my use for last month’s necklace. That may be because this one is newer and has just looked better with what I’ve been wearing, but whenever I want a statement necklace I’ve found myself going for this (not that I don’t still love last month’s necklace!). The silver colours mixed with the gold means that it goes with pretty much anything, and the way that the crosses just hang means that it doesn’t look silly if it’s hanging a little higher or lower on your neck than where your collar is. I'm very sorry to say that this particular one is no longer in stock but I didn't want to stop that from me sharing it with you. Topshop sells lots of other cross and statement necklaces, but for cheaper option you can always try somewhere like New Look or Missguided :)

♥ NYX Butt “Naked” Eyes Palette

The only NYX products that I had used before I got this for Christmas was another NYX palette that I picked up a couple of years ago from TK Maxx and has since been pushed to the back of my makeup storage and slightly forgotten about. I’m pleased to say that this has in no way suffered the same fate. I may even do a whole separate post on the different looks that you create using just the colours in here.

It comes with 15 eyeshadows, four blushes, two highlighters and a bronzer. It also has a mirror on the inside of the lid which makes it perfect for travelling - I haven’t gone anywhere without it! As you can see I particularly love the nude eyeshadow to neutralise my eyelid (it’s the PERFECT cool shade for my skin tone) and the pure black is perfect for pushing into your top lash line to create the illusion of thicker lashes. I can’t go without mentioning the lovely taupey/purple colours and lighter ones... to be honest I love them all, and the pigmentation is great! Another favourite has to be the light pink blush which gives a great glowing effect which I love for a fresh everyday look.

♥ Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

I know that this is another very popular one among bloggers, but never having been that into doing my hair I thought that I’d give it a try. I’ve used it so much this month just to give my hair a bit of volume which is perfect for creating a bit of volume on freshly washed hair before a night out. I’m no hair expert so I haven’t experimented too much yet, but I also love the choppy look it can give shorter hair that I’ve seen on YouTube tutorials. I don't think that the price is bad at all either, considering the soft yet matte effect it gives on your hair.

♥ My Acrylics

These couldn’t go without a mention. I’ve had them on for two weeks now (they have their own blog post
here), and other than catching one while trying to awkwardly open my conditioner they’ve been great! I had to file them down and round them off a little since I took the picture because it was just too difficult to text on my iPhone. I’m going to try and keep them for another week or so before taking them off so I’ll let you know how bad the damage is on my natural nail once that’s been done! I’ve got to say though, the most satisfying thing about them has to be the clickety click noise that they’re making right now as I type ;)

♥ Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

I know that I’ve mentioned this a couple of times but i haven’t actually showed you it yet. This is my second bottle of this stuff, and I usually try to use it sparingly to put off parting with yet another £30 to get some more but I just love it. Sometimes I find it a little heavy for daytime so I used to mix it with a bit of moisturiser (NOT advised for oily skin as it’s already pretty moisturising) but now I’ll just dot a tiny bit over my face and blend with a stippling brush. I love the way that it makes my skin look and feel and while I want to experiment with some other foundations, I think it’s one that I’ll always go back to for that dewy look that I just love. Plus it’s fragrance-free and apparently contains anti-oxidants to protect against damaging free radicals, whatever that means!

♥ Molton Brown Natural Skin Highlighter

This may be only 10ml but trust me, that’s all you’ll need - probably double the amount I have on my hand in the swatch at the very most. The best bit is that it’s not even the tiny particles of shimmer in it that highlight your skin, it’s the way it just reflects so much light meaning that it can also be used by older ladies without chunks of glitter settling into your skin. I like to put this on top of my cheekbones (bare or with some foundation/creme blush) when I’m doing some super quick makeup so I look like I made a bit more of an effort and help my skin feel nourished, but remember not to layer on top of powder products or it won’t settle properly! I’ve had this for ages and it’s still no where near running out. The only downside with this is the pump which you have to be very careful with as you really do only need the tiniest bit! Unfortunately the only link that I could find to this was on amazon, so I will keep an eye out for any dupes.

♥ Stila Lip Glaze in Black Cherry

I would never have picked this up in a shop, but as it came as part of a set I fancied trying a darker lip one evening and instantly fell in love with it. I’d always been a neutral/pink lip kind of girl until late last year, and I think that anyone trying to break out of a style rut ought to try something similar to this; a deeper colour but in a gloss is a great way to break out of your comfort zone as it is a little sheerer than a lipstick but still very stylish. This colour is a deep purplish berry sort of colour with a tiny bit of shimmer. You can see this in action in my last blog post (you can see I’ve even branched out into using this for the every day now) and I love the fact that the colour is buildable, as demonstrated in the swatches. As much as I love this, I would definitely look for a cheaper alternative in the future just because the lip glazes are so so expensive! Then again, with this kind of pigmentation in a lipgloss it may be difficult.

As always, if any of you would like a full review or have any questions then please just say so in the comment below!

Hope you're all having a lovely week :)

Emily x


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It's amazing, I really need to give it a post of its own! x