Monday, 7 January 2013

What's in my Bag?

Bag: Topshop
1) Hand Food by Soap and Glory - 2) Coco Chanel Mademoiselle - 3) Bobble Hat: Asos - 4) Purse: River Island
5) Car Keys
6) Tissues - 7) Gum - 8) Pen - 9) Lip Balm: Elemis - 10) Soothers

The Bag I had my eye on it for a while but couldn't quite justify buying it for myself so I was thrilled to get it for Christmas! I have to say, I love it! I've already used it to travel and it's just a great size - it fit my whole makeup case, my laptop AND more! The fact it can fit A4 sized things in is great as I can use it for uni. There's a main section and a little zip pocket inside which will help you to organise anything you put in there. Unfortunately it's no longer available in the black faux leather with gold studs, but you should be able to buy it in grey here.

Main Section:
Hand Food - I've mentioned this in another post but it really is a very good hand cream. My hands get chapped very easily which can be painful, but a tiny bit of this and they are silky smooth. It won't run out for ages!
Coco Chanel Mademoiselle - Another item I've mentioned before and can't praise enough. A classic scent that would appeal to a range of ages in a handy travel size bottle!
Faux Fur Bobble Hat - I think this is cute and the faux fur keeps it cool rather than kiddish and also keeps my head toasty warm, thus why it ended up in my bag. I would really recommend one of these this winter.
River Island Purse - This was also a Christmas pressie. The first big big purse I've had: with ten card spaces, space for notes, a clip-up compartment at the back for change/receipts and a zipped segment in the front this will not be overflowing any time soon. I love the cool pink and cream colours and the patent detailing with the metal logo gives it a really classy touch. On a practical note, it also feels very sturdy.
Car Keys - Um... not much to say about these. They open my car. I do love the keyring though, I wish I'd got a better shot of it, it's silver metal in the shape of a car and has 'Talullah' (the name of my car obvz: Talullah the Toyota) engraved into it.

Small Zip Section: (which normally has my iPhone in it, but I'm using it to take these smashing pictures you seeeee).
Some things in the last two photos are in my bag because of my nose-destroying, throat-destroying, soul-destroying cold. Cherry soothers to help me to try and get my voice back and I think the almost empty packet of tissues explains itself. Nothing worse than a runny nose and no tissue! I always like to carry a pen around with me too, and the sugarless gum is for me after I've eaten. It's actually meant to be pretty good for the gnashers of yours! Of all the products the Elemis lip balm is probably the only thing you couldn't find in your local corner shop. I think this must have been a plane freebie when my mum went on a business trip, but it's one of those lip balms that look like a gloss and feel really nourishing on your lips. I am a big fan :)

I hope that this post hasn't been too boring for some of you, and if you have any questions about any items in this post feel free to ask!
What's in YOUR bag?!?!?!

Emily x


Hola Bambi said...

I have the same bag as you , great post xxx

Lana S. said...

I love your bag! It sounds like you're ready for anything with your bag contents :)

Lana, xo

Unknown said...

Very unique what's in the bag post, the lights are fun.

Unknown said...

Why thank you :)
It was definitely on purpose and definitely not because I left it so late to take the pictures that it was getting dark... :P x

Unknown said...

Thank you so much :)
almost anything.. luckily it didn't rain because my umbrella's lost :( x

Ellen Grace said...

Love posts like this! Your purse is gorgeous and I love that hand cream as well