Thursday, 10 January 2013

How to Make Your Room Your Own

Today I am sharing my room with you and how I made it feel more homely. As you will see in the pictures I was lucky enough to have my room redecorated a couple of years ago, but this post is not an interior design tutorial. All I want to impart to you today is my personal advice on creating a personal space that YOU love.


If I can give you one tip from this post, this would be it. Whether your room is big or small, rented or owned there are LOADS of ways you can spruce up a space. Some of my favourite ways to make my room look cute is to add pretty things like fairy lights which I think create a really intimate feeling atmosphere (not like THAT, this blog is PG!). Rugs are a great way to add colour without having to redecorate. Candles do the same thing beautifully, and you can also get some really great smelling ones. Mirrors are also a favourite for making a space feel bigger.

But if you don’t already have some of these things, you don’t have to fork out your hard-earned pennies to make your room pretty. Remember your favourite necklace that you broke? Why not drape it over your mirror as a fun accessory? Old ribbons from presents, or scarves you don’t wear too often can be used in a similar way. As you can see in the picture below, I’ve even used an old school folder as a ‘floor’ for some of the ornaments on my shelf.


Speaking of shelves... if you don’t have much floor space, they really are amazing. I turned some of my shelves (below) into fun little cubby holes which display some of my everyday beauty products in a fun way among some random pretty bits and pieces. This is actually so easy to do, and all it takes is a couple of hours and a little imagination. The best thing about it? If you I bored of it, it’s easily changed around! If I were to do my room ‘properly’ I’d love to paint this cabinet white and use the leftover wallpaper from my room on the inner sides.

I love walking into a friend’s room for the first time and one of the first things I’ll look at is their walls. This doesn’t mean you have to dish out a load of money of paints or wallpaper, one of my friends has covered nearly every inch of her wall of pictures through her life of her friends. So cut out pictures of things that inspire you and stick them on your wall! If you live in rented accommodation white tack works just as well as blue tack without leaving those annoying marks on the walls.


Put your colouring pencils in your favourite mug, store your nail polishes in a cute shoe box, or even decorate one yourself! I’m even currently using a big fabric Soap & Glory box as a laundry basket, it may be weird, but my point is, use your imagination! The possibilities really are endless, and for all of you eco-warriors out there, think of it as stylish recycling!

Not only is it practical, but it’s cheaper and makes your room far more interesting than buying the same generic plastic drawers that everyone else has from ikea (although who can resist a swedish bargain?!) I’m sure that you’re all arty farts and don’t need my help in coming up with ideas, but I hope that these photos can give you some inspiration to start off.

If you really want a cool, unique room then personality is key. If something is on display in my room, it’s because I like it and think that it looks cute.. By picking things that YOU like, not just because your friends think that something is ‘cool’ or by copying something you see on TV you’re ensuring that your room is interesting and unique. Imitation and inspiration are two very different things.

Your room should be a place you love to spend time in! I made sure of this by adding little keep-sakes and presents from my friends over the years.

I know that some bits of my room may look a little ‘well-loved’ (I’ve had that desk since I was 6!) but that makes it all the more interesting, dontcha think?? OK. Maybe it is time it had a little bit of a makeover, but my room is a constant work in progress. It reflects my likes and personality, and I hope that’s something that we all have in common :)

I’d love to hear tips/see picture of other people’s rooms too!
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Emily x


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Ahh thank you very much for the tip :D
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Siri said...

I love this post! Some really great ideas on how to spice up your room and make it nicer! I just found your blog, and I really like it :)

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Thank you so much that's so nice to hear, I'm really glad you like it :) xx

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Your room is so nice! I really want to redecorate my room now :-) xx

Fleur Danielle said...

aww your room is so cuteee!! My room is so big and spacious but it isn't really my own and doesn't really feel homely but this post has made me want to decorate it now thank you!! :)

Unknown said...

Oh I'm glad you enjoyed the post! :) x