Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Add Some Luxury to Shower Time :)

When I first started hearing about Philosophy bath and shower gels through various bloggers and gurus on YouTube I was intrigued... I do like my smellies (good smells obviously). Coming to university I also wanted to find something that would make showering in my tiny, damp, student shower room a more enjoyable experience. So when it was my birthday my lovely mummy got me my first two big bottles of Philosophy shower gels and it was not long before I realised that that these are not just shower gels... they are magic potions!

Not only can these bad boys be used as a wonderfully fragrant (but not overpowering) gel for shower time use, but also in the bath, and... wait for it... as a shampoo too! Oh yes, with one of these in your sponge bag your hygiene requirements will be met for many a moon (no seriously, a big bottle will last you ages). The other thing that I love is the packaging, every bottle has a little recipe or it of writing relevant to the fragrance inside. Too cute!

Let me now take you through my little Philosophy family that I have round up over the last five months:

♥ Vanilla Birthday Cake (480ml £14)
This is the one shower gel that convinced me that I had to try Philosophy shower gels. Who doesn’t want to smell like a birthday cake?! Well, to be honest, I didn’t until I took a passing sniff at this one day in Boots. This is my most frequently used out of my little Philosophy family and after five months I’m nearly a quarter of the way through the bottle. I’m not usually one for sweeter smells but this is heavenly and in no way sickly or cheap smelling. It lathers up pretty nicely on your body plus it feels really nourishing on my skin. I love using this in the evenings when I want a bit of a pamper and I love using it as a shampoo. What I tend to do is just work a little bit through my hair after I rinse out my normal shampoo for a nice smell, and it’s left feeling soft.

♥ Mimosa (480ml £14)
For some reason I always wish that this was pink... anyway, I’ve never actually tried a mimosa but if they’re as nice as this shower gel then they must be very lovely indeed! (To drink, not to wash yourself with.) I prefer to use this shower gel in the morning as it’s more of a vibrant scent, although it is a little sweeter smelling than I would have perhaps liked. I love using smells that wake you up in the morning, like citrus, so although this is part way there I think next time I may go for something like LEMON ZEST. Like all of the shower gels, this leaves me feeling lovely and fresh and moisturised. I really like this scent in my hair, but it doesn’t cling to it to the point that it’s hugely noticeable.

♥ Sugar Plum Fairy (240ml part of Christmas Gift Set)
My most recent addition to the family - as you can see he’s not quite fully grown yet ;) My boyfriend got me this for Christmas (I am a very lucky girl) so it may not be available this time of the year. First off, look how gorgeous the colour is! Is it odd that I would consider buying that just to have it sitting in my bathroom? In terms of scent this has got a sweet, but not sickly, berry type smell to it. Probably comparable to sugar plums, but having never tried one, I cannot say for sure! G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.

I love all of my Philosophy bath and shower gels, I really do! Although all of these were gifts I am 100% sure that I would have bought all three with my own money, and I know that I will do in the future. Boots seem to be stocking these now, but if you are considering picking them up directly from the Philosophy website then you may have to wait a little longer - mine took over two weeks to arrive due to packaging problems, but to be fair, they did send a few testers as compensation. I would recommend these to anyone who’s looking to spice up their shower routine a little, and as they’re available in such a range of scents there’s bound to be one that’s up your street.

Do you guys use any Philosophy products? Tell me what you think!

Emily x


Chloe Polo said...

How bad is this; this is the first time I've heard of Philosophy products. It's a shame with my allergies i'm restricted to using unscented, basically a plain bar of soap :(

Great review though!
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cowbiscuits. said...

ooo mimosa sound delish! xx

VIPXO said...

All sounds so lovely! xo

JustEmily said...

It does smell good enough to drink! I wouldn't try it though ;) x

JustEmily said...

Oh that's such a shame, at least unscented products have fewer chemicals and things in them!
I'll keep it in mind though that scented products aren't for everyone and keep an eye out for some that are better for allergies.

Thanks for stopping by :) xxx