Saturday, 29 December 2012

Holiday Favourites!

1) Flower Ring: Accessorize - 2) Blue Gem Ring: Pandora - 3) Chandelier Earrings - River Island - 4) Coco Chanel Mademoiselle
5) Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss (in Hot 6) - 6) Kiko Precision Lipliner (in 308 Bordeaux) - 7) Chapstick (limited edition)
8) Vanilla Birthday Cake Shower Gel by Philosophy - 9) "Exotic Liras" Nail Polish by Essie - 10) Bioderma Sensibio H2O
11) Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance - 12) Hand Food by Soap and Glory - 13) Necklace: Missguided

Lucky 13, odd number I know but these were the products and pieces of jewellery that have really stood out to me and I’ve found myself going back to time and time again this December. I’m going to do a super short review of each, but if anybody would like to hear more about any of them please just let me know and I’d be more than happy to oblige :)
Let’s get started then lovelies!

1&2 (the rings) - I got the first ring (the gold one) a few months ago and I tend to wear it on my little finger with another ring on my other hand. I only got this beautiful blue Pandora ring a few days ago for Christmas (thanks Phil!), and even though it doesn’t match the gold of the other ring I haven’t taken this combo off yet, plus they’re simple enough to layer up with other rings too. I think they look gorgeous together!

3 (the earrings) - I originally bought these with the intention of wearing them on New Years Eve to go for a chic, elegant look. They really aren’t like any other earrings I own and I ended up wearing them on Christmas Day which really showed how they can dress up a simple outfit. Although I don’t often have the occasion to wear such lovely earrings, I’m sure I’ll be making an extra special effort for these!

4 (the perfume) - This is a perfume I’ve been coming back to for over four years now and I still love it. I’ve only ever owned the travel size bottle but hey ho, it smells the same! In fact, when I sprayed this on just before I started my shift on Thursday I had four compliments within the first hour :)

5&6 (the lip products) - I’ll start with Bobbi Brown: woooowww! I got this a couple of weeks ago and even wore it in my pajamas later the same day I love it that much. The shimmer makes me so so happy, I think it’s the perfect festive lipgloss. You can layer it up too, as much as I’ve been loving the Kiko lip pencil (super staying power and super affordable) by itself for a matte pinkish-red lip for parties, when partnered with the Bobbi Brown gloss it really does make an amazing lip that would be the perfect main feature of any winter party look. 7 (the lip balm) - We all have our favourite lip balms and this is mine. Moisturising, yet not too heavy to wear under lipstick. I also love the cute packaging! Unfortunately I’m not sure if this exact Chapstick is available any more, but there is always a wide range of flavours of Chapstick available from most drug stores year round which all work just as well.

8 (the shower gel) - This is a product that needs a review all of its own (note to self). I now own three, but this is the one that I’ve reached out for when I need a little pick me up. Not only are these products a shower gel, but they also work as a bubble bath and shampoo! I’ve had this for nearly two months and it’s lasting a treat. Really. I cannot praise this enough. Makes my skin (and hair) silky smooth and smell almost good enough to eat. Almost. But not quite.

9 (the nail polish) - I’ve always been a bit scared of red nails, especially being so pale I feel like they look really harsh on me, but this shade is perfect. I think it will be great for any season as in some lights it looks like a red, and at others it is a true dark pink. In addition, it’s Essie which is a really popular brand with a formula that lasts a little longer that your standard polish, yet is a bit more affordable than OPI. A great twist on the classic red nail with a glossy finish that I know I will be coming back to again and again.

10 (the makeup remover) - Another product which I really must review. If you take one thing away from this post then it should be to TRY THIS. Formulated for sensitive skin and recommended by professional makeup artists such as Lisa Eldridge this removes all your makeup (including eye makeup) in literally a couple of minutes. It is by far the best makeup remover that I have ever used, and although it is a little pricey, I wouldn’t go back to makeup wipes now. I just follow it with my normal skin routine and it’s as if I haven’t been wearing makeup all day, even after a night out.

11 (the conditioner) - In short, this has saved my hair this month. On those in between days when you don’t have time to wash your hair but it’s looking a little frizzy or dry, just spritz this in the ends, comb through and you’re good to go. This works miracles for my fine hair and quite often I’ll also spritz this in my hair after I’ve washed it too to make sure it’s silky smooth.

12 (the hand cream) - To be honest, most hand moisturisers will probably work just as well but I do enjoy this one! Cute packaging and a nice little drink for my poorly hands when it’s especially cold out :)

13 (the necklace) - Not much to say about this other than how gorgeous it is! I’ve been wanting a collar-style necklace for a while, and although this isn’t quite the same, it really suits my style. Although the turquoise colour really reminds me of summer I find it compliments loads of outfits really well, I’ve even worn it with a green dress. A magical necklace that I promise to love forever <3

If you have stayed with me until the end of this post then well done, you deserve a medal.
If you have any questions about any of the products then feel free to leave a comment and I will answer.
What products/items have you guys been enjoying this month?

Happy Holidays!

Emily x

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day OOTD

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Today I had to get up at a reasonable time (ugh). My plan was to do a wee bit of shopping - which after my previous post you will be very pleased to hear was not too busy at all - before heading off to an annual rugby game.
SOOOO I thought that I would quickly share with you what I wore today with some quick pics I took on my iPhone:

Vest top - Crew Clothing
Leigh Jeans - Topshop
Belt - Topshop
Leather Jacket - Topshop
Coat - Topshop
Snood - Topshop
Studded Bag - Topshop

We don't really tend to do much as a family on boxing day, but it changes year to year.
In the end a lot of my day was actually spent on this sofa!
Do you have any boxing day traditions?
Emily x

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Why I Don't Like Pre-Christmas Sales

I’ve never really enjoyed sales. Especially clothes sales. My least favourite has to be by far the pre-Christmas sales. Now I’m no Scrooge but I know I’m not alone in this.

Let’s encourage people to buy all of their Christmas presents early and then put them all on sale the day before you give them to your friends...

No silly corporate western world, no!
Not only is this disappointing as I realise that if I wasn’t so darn organised I could have saved a lot of money, but it’s also a reminder that these are the things that are no longer in trend. And that just makes me feel like a bit of a twit when I’ve spent time choosing these gifts.

“Well then Emily, why don’t you just not go to the pre-Christmas sales and instead surround yourself with festive joy?” I hear you say...
Oh blogosphere, if only it were that simple. I work in one of these shops that strive to stress me out just before Crimbo.
Luckily, my shift this Christmas Eve was only four hours and despite having had to walk round the sale section in a circle numerous times, picking up clothes from the same spots I had tidied not ten minutes earlier, the Ghoul of Christmas Sales had not beaten me yet! However, after a few minutes browsing the sales myself my fears were realised:

  • The mess is *always* stressful. Not just when you’re the one tidying it.
  • Christmas Eve shopping turns normal people into nutters. You have to get in there quick or you could be having a classic crazy lady handbag fight over... well... a handbag
  • If you buy anything that is full price you feel like a bad person because apparently there are some great finds in the sale. (But that crazy lady with the handbag she’s using to bat other shoppers out of her way will probably find them before you.)
  • All of the Christmassy items are already reduced - IT’S NOT EVEN CHRISTMAS DAY YET!
  • Icing on the cake: The top I had bought as uniform at work the day before was already reduced to £10.

I do of course understand that Christmas Eve sales really do help some people out, and truth be told, that’s actually fine by me.
Just please spare a thought for us lowly sales assistants this year while you’re “enjoying” the Christmas sales ;)

But for those of you who were brave enough to face them this year, I take my sparkly christmas hat off to you.
Do you guys have any tips for surviving sale season?


Emily x