Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Why I Don't Like Pre-Christmas Sales

I’ve never really enjoyed sales. Especially clothes sales. My least favourite has to be by far the pre-Christmas sales. Now I’m no Scrooge but I know I’m not alone in this.

Let’s encourage people to buy all of their Christmas presents early and then put them all on sale the day before you give them to your friends...

No silly corporate western world, no!
Not only is this disappointing as I realise that if I wasn’t so darn organised I could have saved a lot of money, but it’s also a reminder that these are the things that are no longer in trend. And that just makes me feel like a bit of a twit when I’ve spent time choosing these gifts.

“Well then Emily, why don’t you just not go to the pre-Christmas sales and instead surround yourself with festive joy?” I hear you say...
Oh blogosphere, if only it were that simple. I work in one of these shops that strive to stress me out just before Crimbo.
Luckily, my shift this Christmas Eve was only four hours and despite having had to walk round the sale section in a circle numerous times, picking up clothes from the same spots I had tidied not ten minutes earlier, the Ghoul of Christmas Sales had not beaten me yet! However, after a few minutes browsing the sales myself my fears were realised:

  • The mess is *always* stressful. Not just when you’re the one tidying it.
  • Christmas Eve shopping turns normal people into nutters. You have to get in there quick or you could be having a classic crazy lady handbag fight over... well... a handbag
  • If you buy anything that is full price you feel like a bad person because apparently there are some great finds in the sale. (But that crazy lady with the handbag she’s using to bat other shoppers out of her way will probably find them before you.)
  • All of the Christmassy items are already reduced - IT’S NOT EVEN CHRISTMAS DAY YET!
  • Icing on the cake: The top I had bought as uniform at work the day before was already reduced to £10.

I do of course understand that Christmas Eve sales really do help some people out, and truth be told, that’s actually fine by me.
Just please spare a thought for us lowly sales assistants this year while you’re “enjoying” the Christmas sales ;)

But for those of you who were brave enough to face them this year, I take my sparkly christmas hat off to you.
Do you guys have any tips for surviving sale season?


Emily x